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You're not a failure! I'm a mom of 5, a homeschooler AND a former speech language pathologist so that is my official stance, LOL.   You are right, a LOT of growth can and usually does occur in two years before school.  I think the evaluation certainly can't hurt, and would encourage you to try it, but be encouraged that others can understand him when he wants to open up.  FWIW, we have had more than a few pediatricians (mostly due to them moving out of our practice) and...
I met him one weekend at a friend's 21st birthday party at her university, came home that Sunday and told my parents I met the man I'm going to marry. But it was probably 6 months before he/we said "I love you." And 2.5 years before he proposed. Four years total before we were married. Those were a LONG four years, LOL. We lived several hours apart for much of that which didn't help any. We've been married 15 years now!
I found it much harder to be a SAHM to one or two, but I like it much better now (with 5). Our first two are almost exactly two years apart, then a 3.5 year gap, then two years and a bit between each of the next three. They play with each other, they help around the house, if child A doesn't want to play with Child B, then B can go off and find C or D or E. This is not to say it isn't super hard at times, but I though having one and two was even worse.
Catholic homeschooling mom of 5 here, I *get* what you are saying! I've heard it said that Catholic-bashing is the only "acceptable" intolerance these days. I try to remember that even Jesus was persecuted. It still hurts though, I know. I try to hang out on a Catholic homeschooling message board where I remember just WHY I am doing all this. Here's a bunch of Catholic for you, lol. And many hugs.
That's great. I try to remember that money isn't everything - since I'm giving the things to charity, I figure those people need the stuff much more than I need the $1 I might have gotten for it.
Definitely! Anytime I've weaned or the baby has cut significantly down on nursing, I've noticed an increase in my "hormonal" feelings - depression and anxiety. Everything in my life just seems so much harder to handle for awhile. It was easier to take when I realized what was happening. When I've weaned completely (let's see, the last time was in 2003, LOL) I remember a pretty intense month of "hormonalness," but then got back to my usual 'normal' of having 1-3 really...
At least for one of our children, turning the chair sideways has stopped her chair tipping. Without the back to lean against, she can't get the "umph" to get the legs off the ground. It also gives her a place to put her short legs (there is a bar on the sides of the chair legs).
DD #1 - ana to peanuts, allergic to eggs, intolerant of tomatoes, has occasional eczema (brought on by tomatoes and something else we can't figure out). This dd also has alopecia. DD #2 - absolutely no allergies or eczema DD #3 - allergic to eggs and milk (pretty severe but not ana. as far as we know). Has mild asthma and eczema that is getting better as she grows (she's 6) DD#4 - no food allergies. Mild eczema. DS (son #1, kid #5 ) - only 1.5 years old, but...
Here is a list of all the blogs on the Well Trained Mind Webring: WTM blogs My blog is on there but we're not really doing the Classical Ed thing right now. More of an unschooly/CM-ish focus. *Someday* when I'm not constantly chasing a little one or dealing with an out of control 3yo, I'll get my act back together.
I love love love our laundry chute! : Zip! Downstairs goes all the laundry right into the laundry basket near the washer dryer. I love that our yard backs to trees. Our lot is technically very small but it seems much larger looking out over our little forest. Our neighbors are very nice. (I guess that's not the house, but it helps!) I like how everything in the kitchen is one step away from the dishwasher. Putting things away is a breeze. We love the big room...
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