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I had a GBS+ homebirth (1st hb, 2nd baby) and my water always breaks before or very early on in active labor.  It doesn't have to risk you out.   I prefer to have a sturdier tub.  It feels easier to me to get in and out, etc.  I like having my husband in there with me and we also have wood floors...  I don't want water gushing out if someone has to lean on the side or something. 
Beautiful mamas and bellies!
Just wondering.  I said that my date is April 12, but I was put under the "mid month" section. 
Sorry you're having such a difficult time!  Have you tried the floradix?
We're also planning a homebirth--our 3rd!  I'm really looking forward to it.  We'll just order the kit from wherever our midwives tell us.  I haven't decided what kind of tub we'll be using this time.
Is there a reason why some people have specific dates and some people have "mid month," etc?
Hey there!  Our guess date is April 12.  We're having our 4th baby and it will be our 3rd homebirth.  Not really excited yet, per se, but definitely bonding with the baby so much.  The logistics are just making my head hurt a little...lol.  I'm still having a tough time with hyperemesis.  Starting to have a few good days mixed in, but still on meds and pretty weak and fatigued.  The to-do list hasn't even been written, yet, and that is really stressing me out!  I just...
Hi!  I will try to be more active here.  I definitely have been feeling wary on MDC because of trolls.
Anyone tried it?  I'm really surprised at the level of pain and comic waddling that I already have with this pregnancy.  Chiropractic doesn't always feel good to me, especially when I'm already hurting.  My body seems to respond best to it as maintenance care, if that makes any sense.  So, I'm thinking of trying manual PT and wonder if anyone has experience?  The biggest stress will be childcare, I think...sigh...  I'll be mad if it ends up not being worth it.  LOL
Oh, I'm sorry!  That's really tough.
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