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There's a difference between respectful disagreement/discussion and wildly inaccurate peacocking.  I do think it's fine to have differing views, but this could be a place to discuss things from the framework of natural parenting.  Ultimately...whatever...it's just sad to see an essentially babycenter style discussion on mdc. 
Really sad to see this here and to know what MDC has become.
Can you have someone come and take your little cousin out of the home for a fun date, when you go into labor? 
Our kids have been present for our homebirths.  Well, they slept through the last one until someone finally woke them up!  lol  They will be there for this one.  We have friends come over to tend and care for them.
Any chance you're constipated?
Thanks for this thread!  I had forgotten about some of these sale sites, since my "baby" is almost 4.
Let's not feed the trolls.  JenniLove and "her husband" only has 7 posts here. 
If your son wants to have it done, he can make that decision when he's older.  But, if you make the decision for him to be circ'd, there's no turning back.  It's a part of his body.  I would just be matter of fact with your partner about it.  It was a new issue for my partner, but he was very open about receiving information.  Our son is intact and it's just not a big deal.  Like I said, it's just part of his body.
We have a LOT of people asking "was this planned?" as if that's any of their business!  Our close friends know that we were "done," so we all laughed together...but I'm always taken aback when someone I barely know asks me that question. 
I have a belt thingy that I got from our chiropractor during my last pregnancy.  It seems to help a little.  Massage helps me, too...as much as I can squeeze it into the budget...
New Posts  All Forums: