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It can be stressful trying to figure out what is normal and what is not!  I've also found skullcap tincture to help.  I had painful cramping all day, yesterday, and it's hard not to assume the worst.
Bump.  Always helps to try new things!
Name: Jessica EDD: (estimated due date) Mid-April, so basically the entire month! #Pregnancy/baby: Pregnancy #5, Baby #4 Your age/age at the birth: 34 Family: Husband, 2 daughters, 1 son How long did it take to get your BFP: (big fat positive, were you trying/how long?): Blessed surprise Birth plans: 3rd Homebirth Goals/hopes for this pregnancy: Surviving another HG pregnancy Early guesses about baby (gender/birthdate/etc): No idea!  Husband thinks...
I am also a Bella Luna Toys FB Fan!
I am a FB Fan!
OMG...me too!  It's gross.  I can't even get earrings through them anymore, but there is always puss. :( Eww.  
You can build raised beds to fix the soil situation, but I'm in the same conundrum with shade!  This year, we're going to try to grow sweet potatoes and some other root veggies back in our shady garden.  We rent beds in the local community garden to grow things that require sunlight.  I thought our yard was hopeless, but a friend just reminded me that root veggies don't need as much sun so we're giving that a go!  Good luck!
Thank you!
What is ALSO?
Oh, btw, you have got to get silk pillowcases and also wrap her hair at night, no matter what style her hair is in.  If it's down, you should also put it into loose twists and then wrap it.  This is actually really helpful for all hair types, but practically essential for curly hair.   ETA: Didn't mean to be abrasive. Sorry! It just really helps!
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