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These little details are so, so helpful! Thank you!
Thank you for sharing with me! I really appreciate it! I'm trying to relax and trust that things will fall into place, but I still want to have a bit of a plan and some figures to share with my dh.
I am a midwifery student and am trying to make financial plans for my future practice. Childcare is a big issue for me because my dh is in the military and we have no family nearby to help out. Getting to the point, what do you pay your childcare provider(s) just for being on call for you and your children? I suppose the rate would be easy to work out if they actually end up working, but what about the rate when they don't? They've still had to alter their schedule...
Had one of these as a child and I found it humiliating to set it up every night. I would already be wet when I woke up. It was jarring and stressful.
My daughters are almost 10 and almost 5 and they sleep all night, in their own beds. Actually, they sleep in a bunk bed and my younger daughter refuses to go to sleep without her big sister...but that's the extent of our sleep troubles. They both co-slept for at least 2 years. My son is almost 3 and he still sleeps in our bed. With the exception of colds and big growth spurts, he sleeps great.
I'm also looking and willing to drive!
I'm not sure if she still has an office in Norwich or not. She is our ped and we adore her. We have never had any trouble getting an appointment or getting ahold of her. She is very good at what she does...I really can't say enough good things about her. We have TriCare and she accepts it. I'm pretty sure she accepts several other insurance plans.
she's also a pediatric APRN (nurse practitioner), so check if your insurance will cover that
ooohhh, that's close! I'm so tempted, but of course it happens now, during the season when my dh goes underway a lot. lol What's the incubation period again? 2 weeks? This may work.
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