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Specials by Scott Westerfeld (I gave this three out of five stars on Goodreads.com) This conclusion to the highly entertaining "Uglies" trilogy was "just okay for me, dawg." I wanted the love triangle to be a bigger part of the story and I had a hard time imagining what "Specials" look like. I thought the end was a little too "pretty little bow". Still, worth reading if you've been hooked by "Uglies".
Quote: Originally Posted by Alyantavid I totally agree! Jessie'd be nice to look at too if he wasn't always looking at himself. But Memphis, wow. Jesse reminds me of a little kid. Like a six-year old in a muscle suit. Memphis might be alright. My DVR messed up because of a storm the night of the veto comp so I haven't seen him really do anything yet.
Quote: Originally Posted by Alyantavid Well me obviously. Isn't that the point of the show? Entertainment? I thought Brian would be entertaining and also nice to look at when they all started getting bored and hanging outside shirtless. SIGH. I really dislike the "for the good of the group" mentality on Big Brother. It's getting old and boring.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tilia We've been asked not to talk about it, since it is purely speculation. Gotcha. Can someone PM me about it? Pretty please with a cupcake on top?
What are the rumors circulating about them? And family members? Huh? I see everyone talking about how bad things are, but I can't find anything solid about bad things when I search. What is going on?
Kind of a stretch, maybe, but is this it?
Quote: Originally Posted by snozzberry Dang, you have to pay for interlibrary loans? Bummer! It is kind of a bummer. We pay postage for books borrowed from libraries inside our consortium, and postage plus an additional $2.50 for libraries outside. Typical postage is around $2.30. The library will buy almost anything requested, though. That's a good thing since our closest bookstore is 45 minutes away. A "big name" bookstore is more than an...
Quote: Originally Posted by gabbyquilts chellemarie- When you get done with the preservationist we should start a thread. I really liked that book! I like the daughter-in-laws roles the best i think. The young wives' stories were the most important. There was an expectation of acceptance of God's will from the sons of Noah, but the girls were from different places and backgrounds entirely. Their endurance of such an unbelievable task and...
The Preservationist by David Maine (four out of five stars on Goodreads.com) A fictional account of the story of Noah and his ark. So good I don't know where to start. Noah's wife, their three sons and their wives all have a voice in this story about surviving the end of the world. Growing up, I only ever thought of the ark as a happy boat with cartoony animals and a pretty rainbow over the top. I'm kind of disappointed this story wasn't ever presented to me in...
How long have Jon and Kate been married? I wonder if they aren't just a little itchy. Years 7-10 are tough. I can't imagine dealing with that many kids, a production crew and media backlash through those years of my marriage. Probably would have made great tv, though.
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