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I shared a cute, American Idol-related story on my blog.
Bloodsucking Fiends by Christopher Moore I enjoyed this because I think Christopher Moore is wildly funny. Bloodsucking Fiends was fun, but there were a few things I didn't like about this book: 1) It seemed more predictable than A Dirty Job (which I read first, not knowing it was third in the sequence.) 2) TYPOS. "is" instead of "his"; "feet" instead of "felt". There were at least two places where a modifier was dropped and another where the verb was messed up:...
Quote: Originally Posted by rainsmom SAHMNLOVINGIT ........you need to hook me up! Im serious about the past david cook songs.....what songs??? Im a little IDOL OBSESSED today!! Can you tell:nana: then Im watching kimberly caldwell interview David C before the finale show, and he comes up to her, gives her a flower, thanks her for all the nice things she has said about him throughout the season, and ASKS HER OUT TO DINNER!!!! and kisses...
More thoughts from the parts of the show I was allowed by my mutinous children to see: During the first group performance, they all hit their final mark and were supposed to hold it. Someone stood up and pushed/nudged another contestant and then casually went and got back into his pose. Was that Castro? Who'd he do that to? Amen and pass the peas, Donna Summer made it down the stairs. Too bad she didn't make it to the theater in time to get her wig on straight. Don't...
Quote: Originally Posted by sahmnlovingit You can stuff me in a box and send me to canada, i've been a bad girl. LOL! That sounds kinda kinky, missy. We could be booted for that kinda business.
I forgot! YAY!!!
My son was given strict orders to make sure AI recorded. NO MATTER WHAT! South Park started recording at 8:30 and cut off my last half hour. I'm stuffing him in a box and sending him to Canada. Canada - you've been warned.
I can't believe I didn't see Seacrest was wearing eyeliner. Boys in eyeliner kinda does it for me. You'd think I woulda NOTICED.
Quote: Originally Posted by Alkenny Already listening to some of his stuff here...(MP3's here to listen to!) I don't know...I know alot of us 'older' mamas that love us some Cook too. Did anyone see the signs last week in the audience that said "Cougars for Cook"? I was teasing DH last night that I didn't know who to root for...my son or my boyfriend! OMG. That is exactly how it feels! Except he really is my boyfriend. EDIT: After...
My mom is getting through for Cook so much (almost every time on 05), I'm starting to have a nervous breakdown. That's an exaggeration. But only just.
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