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Thank you for telling me you can't get through. I'm going to cling to that like it's the last handful of Midol on Planet Earth.
I could cry. I love david cook. With all my heart. How is it that I'm getting through so many times voting for him? We've almost gotten through 100 times in the last hour. Every time we get through (because someone isn't voting!) another piece of my heart breaks off and disintegrates. I am quite obviously suffering from pms. Save me.
Louder Than Words by Jenny McCarthy The conversational tone of this book was appealing. I like Jenny McCarthy's bold and outspoken personality. Sometimes I dislike her for being able to say what I'm not ballsy enough to say myself. Louder Than Words is a good peek at autism. It also speaks to really standing up for yourself and your loved ones when you think modern medicine isn't looking in the right places for answers.
Quote: Originally Posted by mistymama First of all, never ignore your instincts. If you feel creeped out by this guy, that's enough. There is great book called "Protecting the Gift" and one of the best things I took away from that book is that we need to pay attention to those "wierd feelings". I have a hard time with confronting people too. But I do know one thing .. I'd keep my kids as far away from him as possible. Emphasis mine....
I've thought about you and your family every day since I first read this thread. I hope the thoughts and prayers of your online family bring you a few moments of peace today, mama.
Quote: Originally Posted by JamSamMom If you do a search on the campaignforsafecosmetics.com and go to the skin deep report and search arbonne it will rate the procucts for safety and risks. Most of the arbonne baby products are of moderate risk. Most of arbonne is 3-7. California baby lotion is a 2 which is a low risk. Johnson and Johnson baby lotion is rated a 7 a high hazard. campaignforsafecosmetics.com doesn't work. Do you have a...
I think essential essentials are lavender, lemon or orange, eucalyptus and tea tree. I don't want to live without grapefruit, rosemary and peppermint, though. I loooove grapefruit scented vinegar in a downy ball for the wash. Rosemary is great with lemon in the bath and peppermint makes everything smell better.
Quote: Originally Posted by heather8 I found olive oil worked better than lasinoh. Ditto.
I don't care for LibraryThing. I've tried and it feels cluttered to me. I use Goodreads and I *heart* it. My Goodreads link.
Quote: Originally Posted by gabbyquilts #13 No Country for Old Men by Cormac McCarthy Gruesome, bloody, horrific...it was also a fast read that had a alot going on. Towards the end I was starting to have a little bit of trouble keeping the characters straight, and im still not sure who some of them are. I am going to get the movie and see if it clears things up for me. His writing style is definitely trippy. The movie did make it clearer...
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