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Quote: Originally Posted by MamaBug He jumped on Adam, and yes I agree that he should have hugged Chelsia, as she went to hug him. I voted 5 times for Shiela to win that money. What is this about Adam and a head injury? Wasn't he in a car accident that left glass in his face? I'm just assuming head injury is a possibility. I should have said "maybe" instead of "probably." Sorry about that.
Is "You Suck" a sequel to "Bloodsucking Fiends"?
Quote: Originally Posted by bjorker I've been wanting to read something by Christopher Moore for a long time! It all sounds very interesting. Which one should I start with? I would assume Lamb, but I thought I'd ask. I am reading A Dirty Job and am loving it. I tried reading Lamb last summer and couldn't get hooked. This one got me right away.
I love Goodreads. I signed up with LibraryThing first, but like Goodreads far better. My Goodreads link.
Quote: Originally Posted by megincl So why do you think BB didn't want Sharon to win HOH in that next to last comp? Why did they (the producers) seem to be setting her up to fail? I know this is all not truly "reality," but I do like to figure out some of the production schemes that occur..... Because Sharon was boring. And they wanted a couple to make it as close to the end as possible. I didn't think I cared who won until she announced...
What I liked about this movie is the stuff we didn't see... or the stuff that we saw that didn't seem like it was needed. Most of the time in movies, we know what's going on and if we don't, we find out everything later. Life isn't like that, though. We don't always understand motivations, we don't always know where someone has been, what they'll do. And we see things all the time that may or may not be relevant to the "story". Chighurh was such an interesting,...
Talk Before Sleep by Elizabeth Berg
Quote: Originally Posted by treemom2 I think she was saying it was the first time she forgot her words. Last time she had to start and stop she was playing piano and didn't start singing at the right time. The judges actually gave her props that time for starting and stopping, saying it was something professionals do all the time and it was a very smart thing to do. I also think that it was different because this time she didn't just stop...
Quote: Originally Posted by QueeTheBean And I am fairly sure that he is, in fact, my boyfriend. Them's fighting words right there y'all.
Ruthla: 1. I like rickey.org for Idol news. He usually has the performances, too. 2. Thank you for the link to Free Rice. That is fun.
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