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My bathroom is pink and is my favorite color scheme of any room in my house. But there is no tweed involved.
"With a rack like yours" WOOHOO! Thanks for all the links, girls. I just might have to try one out. Decisions, decisions!
Woohoo! I'm thinking all black underneath with a pretty color poncho on top.
Sarah...I was wearing plain sandals and almost fell over onto a mom at my son's school presentation yesterday. She looked at the floor to see if I'd tripped or something. *dork*
I LOVE that handbag. How much is it? OKay. I kind of like that handbag. But it would cost more than the total amount of money ever carried in it. HA!
AH! And I like the PINK dip-dyed one! Uncanny. I don't know if I have the...guts...to pull off a poncho. I dunno. Hmm.
I saw some pink tweed shoes in Lucky magazine. Someone leaves Lucky in the breakroom. I don't buy it. I swear. Seriously. Pink is supposed to be hot and tweed (especially on shoes) is hot, too. According to the nice kids at Lucky. Where I live, we'll just be discovering pink tweed next year. You'll be looking at us going, "Pink tweed is SO 12 months ago."
Tamara...where did you get yours?
I like to say something like, "Well, now you're just embarassing yourself." in a flat, dry tone. (That also works when drunk husbands start to imitate annoying MTV cartoon characters at parties where you're trying desperately to be even half as cool and beautiful as the rest of the guests.)
I'm with Lucy on this one. Yes.
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