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I'm really sorry but due to various reasons, I have to drop out. 
Got a job, got a job, got a job I'm so excited. Didn't work for over a year and didn't work full time for over a decade... So now I have a great incentive to try harder and lose weight before I go buy a new work wardrobe. Walked outside for 50 minutes hope to do zumba later.   Go Orange
Orange is my favorite color   it's raining here today and we southern californians don't do well in the rain so I can't go outside to do my planned c25k workout. But I will do zumba .
diana_of_the_dunes -  I'm using an app called c2k5 free by Zen labs. I'll give it another chance and If I still can't hear the cues than I'll download the one that you suggested. Thanks. Did you finish the program before? It's my third try but  I always quit around week 4 when the running gets really tough. I hope this time will be better.   Dmitrizmom -  your soup sounds great. I also made veggie soup to eat in time of crisis. Never tried it with kale. I like to add...
 I'm so out of shape I went out for my first day of c25k workout this morning. The APP wasn't that great and I couldn't hear most of the cues so I ended up walking most of it. Then I came home and finally opened the Zumba dvd package. Gave up after 10 minutes.  I will try to do the rest later when my girls are back from school and we can do it together for motivation. But hey, I still got 40 minutes of good cardio workout all together and tomorrow is a new day.
I do ww without going to meetings or paying for the online subscription. It's pretty easy. The new calculator they have now doesn't just calculate your points+ it also keeps track of them. So you don't need the online tracking anymore. If I don't know the nutritional info of something (today, I needed to know how many points dry lentils are), I just Google the item and find the nutritional info. and then calculate the points with my calculator. Very easy. 
198 pounds 
Hi, I'm Shira, from OC , CA.  I've been married to my DH for 18 years and we have 3 kids, DD17, DS14 and baby DD10. I lost 30 pounds with WW 4 years ago and felt and looked great at 170 pounds but unfortunately gained it all back. I tried going to WW meetings again but my leader quit and the magic was gone. I'm unemployed and looking for a job so I'm trying to do it this time without spending any money. I'll do WW by myself and for exercise I have the Zumba dvds and I...
Personal stories always inspire me and I find that reading weight loss blogs can help me stay on track. Two blogs that I follow are: http://danicasdaily.com/ http://www.theyearofthephoenix.com   I would like to add more blogs to me RSS, and who knows, maybe it'll inspire me to start my own blog. Thanks.
I'm in. It's my first challenge so please be patient with me
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