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Our family is vegan. I'm interested in trying a partly/mostly raw diet. I've heard such fantastic things about eating raw foods. I'm going to the library tomorrow. Does anyone have a book recommendation? Thank you!
I used to use honey to wash my face. It was awesome! We became vegan though so now I don't have a good facial cleanser. I've tried baking soda/water but I keep having break outs on my forehead. I'm scared to death to try the oil cleansing method.
I've been washing my hair with baking soda and rinsing with acv. I really like it so far (it's been two weeks). Is it possible that the baking soda will damage my hair though? I was thinking about this as I scoured my sink with baking soda and Dr. Bronner's tonight and as I rubbed baking soda fairly diluted with water on my face and felt irritation. I don't want to start having breakage or other damage down the road. Does anyone know?
We did wooden eggs this year. I bought a goose egg sized wooden egg for all four of my boys. We just used the Crayola washable kid's paint. I put a bit of each color in a small condiment cup along with an inch wide sponge brush for each color and let them go to town. My kids had a blast and said it was more fun than when we colored regular eggs because they could do more detailed things on them and get more colors on and the colors were brighter. Then I coated with an...
These are my absolute favorite sugar cookies! http://vegweb.com/index.php?topic=13834.0 They aren't terribly sweet but when you frost them, they're perfect. And they aren't crispy. I don't like crispy sugar cookies. I make these for every holiday party at my son's school and people always rave about them.
Quote: Originally Posted by chely7425 I think if it were me, I would boil all my prefolds to make sure anything and everything in them was dead and they were really really clean. You might also try getting some fleece and making some stay dry liners, maybe his skin is sensitive to wetness? Would this work instead of tea tree oil? Do I just boil water and put diapers in for a period of time? How long should I leave them in the boiling water?...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nillarilla Just a thought but maybe there is a bacteria or something fungal in them. I would add some tea tree oil to the wash and sun them. How much tea tree oil? I don't have any, would I just get that at a hfs? Is it antibactial/antifungal? Quote: Originally Posted by CultivatingMyRoots Are you sure it's the diapers? Food allergy or yeast can cause rashes, yeast especially will make skin bleed....
It's so weird that we did fine for 15 months, then bam! Red bottom quickly turned to bleeding bottom. I'm frustrated because I want them to work but I can't have his poor bottom bleeding.
Those are so cute!!
It does say to turn up the water heater for stripping. I haven't done that before. What should the temperature be? I just keep reading about turning it up, but no specific temperature.
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