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We use Allen's. I don't think our water is particularly hard or soft. We live in town and we don't have problems with build up or difficulty rinsing or stains on our dishes/toilet/sinks.
I just googled stripping and it says to do that if they stink, but they don't stink at all. They don't smell wonderful, kind of stale, but not smelly or like ammonia. I feel like I've kind of done that before with hot washes/no detergent and I don't see any bubbles in the water. This is such an ordeal. I'm so frustrated. I want to stop using disposables but I don't want my little guy's bottom to bleed.
I just found out that I've been using twice as much detergent as I'm supposed to for our diapers, which is probably why our little one had a bleeding bottom. I thought I was using the right amount, but I just found out that I wasn't. We have GMD brown edge prefolds. We trifold and lay in a Thirsties or Bummis cover. We need new covers anyway because we have mediums and our almost 2 year old is 30 pounds. Using them this way instead of pinning or with a snappi, is it...
It seems that I've been using twice as much detergent for our prefolds, which is very likely the reason for the bleeding bottom. I thought I was using the right amount, but I just measured after reading some instructions for a high efficiency washer and I've been using twice as much. Our toddler is 30 pounds, so we need new covers because we only have mediums. We have the brown edge prefolds from Green Mountain Diapers. We just trifold and put in a Thirsties or Bummis...
Ah, and I think the Thirsties fitteds have microfiber. I kind of like the idea of a fitted with a cover since summer is coming and he could go coverless. Part of me just wants to order toddler prefolds and Thirsties covers and be done with it. Except I guess that puts us right back where we started. Sigh.
Thanks for the info about the HH! I haven't tried hemp. I've always been really scared of stink because I've read about so many problems with a front load machine.
Our wash routine: We have a front load machine and I use Allen's. I put the diapers in and do a cold rinse, no detergent. I run the sanitary cycle which is extra hot with 1/4 the recommended detergent (you're supposed to cut Allen's in half for a front load, then I cut that in half since it's diapers). I run an extra rinse on warm. So you've used the Thirsties fitteds? How would you say they are for absorbency? Also, is poo easy to get off something like that?...
I haven't been on here in awhile. We cd'd our 4th baby (now 23 months) from newborn until 15 months. We've had major problems since with bleeding rashes. The cliff notes version: it's not yeast, he's been to the pedi. I stripped the diapers, no difference. We would switch to Pampers and he would be fine. Everytime we switched back to cloth, within a day his bottom was bleeding again. We have a front load machine and I use Allen's. I ended up buying fleece and putting a...
The website says no. There is a specific question about allergies.
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