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Still pregnant but the cramping is intensifying and I'm thinking cntx are beginning. We're getting alot of snow here in northern WI so I'm hoping the drive to hosp. isn't too bad (sadly, homebirth isn't an option).
Are you a new Auntie yet, Pregnantdrummer?
My EDD is Mar. 4 but I've been 10 days early with each of my babies. SOOOOOO READY and hyper-sensitive to every little twinge. "Could this be it?", "Oooh, was that a contraction???"   I'm feeling rather birthy and thinking I won't be having a March baby. :)    Hope you're all doing well.
Thank you! I didn't have this persistant ache with either of my previous pregnancies and I'm probably being overly cautious because I had an issue with the scar from my 1st preg. c-sect.  By the way,  I'm so happy to be back among all the wondering people in the Mothering community. It's been ages since I've been active in the forums.
38 weeks 3 days pregnant with wonderful #3. It's been 12 years since I've been pregnant and I swear I've forgotten what it feels like. Add all the variables of labor and I'm lost!      My question today is about some pain I've been experiencing on and off. I can only describe it as a period-like cramping that wraps all the way around to my lower back. It doesn't seem to surge like BH or contractions but rather, just aches all the time.  Baby is at 0 station ( I swear...
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