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I know sounds strange but it worked!
dd had this for the first month. I took her to our ped and he told us to give her a bath everyday and that the water would help the area dry up. We didn't do anything else and it stopped bleeding and healed up within a week.
Hello Dr. Bob :) Thank you for answering our questions!!   I received the adult pertussis (I think tdap) vaccine when my daughter was 3 days old. I have been exclusively breastfeeding her since birth. Since I received the vaccine while breastfeeding would my body have built up antibodies against pertussis from the vaccine and then transferred them to her through my breastmilk? If so how effective is this in building up resistance to pertussis? She is 11 weeks and not...
I asked the same question at my LLL meeting when dd was 2 weeks. She is now 8 week old and I started nursing laying down when she was about 6 week, I tried before that but she just didn't have the head control to do it well. At 8 weeks she does really well at it and I can nurse her from both breast laying down on the side she is laying on. Give it a few more weeks and you will be in business!!!
Thanks for the replys. :) I have another question about passive immunity. I am breastfeeding and recieved the dtap vaccine when dd was 1 week (dh is way mainstream and frantic about vaccines...getting it myself was the only way he would consider a delayed schedule) Would the antibodies my body created transfer through bfing enough to give good protection against whooping cough for dd?
Hello All :) The 2 month appt is near approaching for us. I am not looking for debates just info We are selective/ Delaying vaccines. We are not doing Hep B and Rotovirus...I am waiting on Polio so that just leaves hib/ prevnar and dtap. My ped says that since I want to spread them out to wait on dtap. He said i should do hib/prevnar  but that these two are the ones that have the greater risk of side effect...so I have decided to only do 1 at a time. However, I cannot...
Thank you
Hope you don't mind me asking a question on your tread but, I am wondering how much it cost to become montessori trained. I am guessing it depends on area...I am in CA.
How fun...I also have seen it as bedding on a TV show or movie (cannot remember now)
Great idea! I would like to join too!
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