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I love seeing everyones babies!!   Here is little Laurel at 3.5 weeks, I just realized that I don't have many pics of her awake...the rest are her sleeping! She is now 5 weeks :)  
I'd go for it. We are planning a weekend in Monterey, CA (no flight involved) the end of Aug. Laurel will be 11 weeks by then...I would fly somewhere with her now...wish we could!
I am in love with the bella materna non wire nursing bra. They are expensive but worth it!     http://www.bellamaterna.com/shop/Ruched-Clip-Bralet-at-PID5799-1152.aspx
I didnt read all the replys so sorry if this is a repeat but do you have an milk oversupply?? I ask because gassy, green poos can be a result of your baby filling up on the foremilk and not getting enough of the higher fat milk. I have oversupply and I was having a similar issue until I started only using one breast per feeding. She still poos a ton but they are no longer green and she isnt as gassy. She stll has a rash but I think that was due to a nut...
Hello All- I have a 3 week old and would like to find a good sling I can use for the beach and pool. Anyone have any good suggestions. I use the sakura now to carrier her so I would prefer a ring design.   Thanks Megan
Subbing   I have always wanted to learn more and incorporate more meaning into what we cook/eat.   Any book rec for a real newbie?
my mom did not breastfeed me at all. she had a fairly negative view of bfing and with dd1 it did have an influence since i was having a hard time bfing and really needed support. with dd2 her feelings had no influence and in fact i was able to talk to her and change some of her views towards bfing. she is somewhat supportive of bfing now so that is cool.
i am experiencing some of the same (in fact i am typing one handed right now) she will let go of my breast once she is asleep however, if i lay her in her cosleeper right next to me she will wake up right away and look for the breast.at night i hold her while we sleep, during the day i can have dh or dd hold her but that is all that works. i dont have any advice but just wanted to let you know your not alone. i just keep reminding myself that dd1 was the same and by...
we drive the 5 route around 5 times a year to visit family in SF. We usually leave around 3 am and dont stop till around 7 am for breakfast and then finish up the drive . From south OC to SF it take around 7 hours. Now this is with an older child, so I didn't have to stop to nurse or change diapers. Now with a baby, this would not be possible. However, we did make the drive when dd was a baby, we just had to make many more stops along the way.   I would say if you...
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