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I cant wait for that  I still need a full on pad.
Laurel will not get near my nipple if there is as much as a trace of Lanolin on there but she is fine with the earth mama cream.
Subbing for ideas   I have a 1 week old so  this is all new and I am hoping my breast will settle down but I have a lot of milk and I am a little concerned that she is not getting to the fatty milk and getting too much of the other. My breast never empty and she has had the bright green poop today. She does choke a bit sometimes but, it doesn't seem to bother her too much yet. I am not worried because like I said everything can change at this point...just looking for...
I am feeling pretty good, my nipples are a little sore and cracked, I really wasn't paying attention to the fact that she was latching far enough back the first day, I think I was just happy she was on. So by day 2 they were sore and cracked. They are healing up well now so I am happy. I went and bought some amazing nursing bras yesterday at a lactation consultation shop by my house. It was nice because I nursed her while I was there and the LC that was there was able to...
Congratulations! She is so sweet. I love big babies! and yay to a quick labor.
Ohhh! What a cutie! I love the pictures. Congratulations!!
Congratulations! What a beautiful name!!
mama: mad4mady Baby: Laurel Sage Birthday: 6/7/11 Time: 6:14pm Weight: 8lbs 12oz Length: 20 inchs Location: Hospital
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