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Thank you all...I wish you all the best with your birth. I probably won't be checking in as much now, this due date club was great! All of you mamas have such wonderful insight and information to share!!
Our baby girl was born 6/7 at 6:14pm. She is the sweetest and I am so in love! After a membrane sweep, I went into labor 3 hours later. Labored at home for a few hours, left in transition when water broke and just barely arrived at the hospital just in time to push her out, they didn't even have time to fully admit me. Labor was fast!!!! We had a successful natural hospital birth and the ob on call that caught Laurel said it was a birth she would never forget! She is...
I like the idea of scheduling the induction date and then canceling and rescheduling...that would buy me some time. I will also have to ask my midwife about the catheter induction...that sounds interesting   I tried using my breast pump last night to get things going...it didn't but, hey I had a lot of colostrum so that was cool. With dd my colostrum didn't come in for 2 days!!!! So, I am excited that my boobs are ready for baby as much as I am!   Well, today I...
Baby is head down, but not engaged and so I was wondering the same thing. I plan to ask my MW this tomorrow. Thanks for bringing it up
Congratulations! Sounds like a great short birth. I hope I can time my hospital entrance as well as you did!
Congratulations! What great pictures and she is soo cute!!
Thanks for the reminder That is totally true!!
I could probably set a date for 42 weeks being that that date is only a few days after my appt on the 16th however, it would depend on having my midwife on call on that date. My bigger concern is waiting until 41 weeks to start any intervention (sweep, etc) and only having a few days to see if it works before the induction is set.
Thanks for the ideas!!   I think I will give the sweep a try on the 7th and find out about setting another appt for a few days after that. As far as the 42 week thing, my midwife is being pretty flexible about it even though the policy is 41 weeks. Technically  I will be 42 weeks on 19th so at least she is saying she can make it after the appt on the 16th. But, yes. I do think that the 41 week rule is bad! I was shocked to hear it because they have actually been...
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