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Hello- we are in a simular situation. Our daughter will be starting kindergarten next year and we are considering 2 dual immersion charters in our area. Both spanish/english. For the parents that have had experience, are you both bilingual? if not did this cause a problem. I am not bilingual but, my husband is fluent in both. Will this be an issue. I am the one that is more involved in school activities and helping with school work. Thanks for any...
Hi everyone- I am new to MDC and I though it would be fun to talk to other moms that are students. I am a full time student majoring in Psychology and I will graduate this June with my BA. Finally!!! I am so burned out. I will be going on to my MA in the fall in Speical Ed. I have a 4 year old daughter. I was wondering what everyone is going to school for, how long to go and what you plan to do with it when your done. Nice to meet you all Megan
Hi everyone- My daughter has been prescribed a floride multi from her doctor. We drink bottled water so I guess she isn't getting any. Although her toothpaste (tom's) I think contains some. Do children really need floride. Is there anything else that is natural that can help the teeth the way drs clain floride does. I really would rather give her a multi from the health store. Does anyone have experiences with this Thanks, Megan
Thanks, I will try the CA tribe board too I'll look into the Journey school in Aliso! Thanks
Hi everyone- I am new to this board and have been on an exhuasting search to find charter or reasonable priced private schools in my area. We live right around the corner from a Waldorf school which I would love to send our daughter too ( and tried to figure out some way to make it happen) but we just cannot afford the $10K tuition. I am hoping there are other parents in my area that know of other schools in central/ north orange county beside the traditional...
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