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So, today is my due date. No sign that labor is starting anytime soon. I have some time but, have started thinking about the upcoming week or so. I realize I have a lot of time but, I want to starting thinking about ideas now for my upcoming appt. I found out that my insurance provider (Kaiser) policy is to induce at 41 weeks. My midwife said  she can push that off a bit but by my appt on the 16th we will have to pick an induction date within a few days of...
It was probably pee if it hasn't happened since but, it is sooo hard to tell. My water broke the same way you described with my first. In this pregnancy, I thought it happen again but, nope just pee. Mine also has no color or odor. I think its from all the water I drink...If you check out about a week ago, we were talking about this in another post on the same topic.   A few times recently I will pee, then about 30 seconds later I will have a small flow again...I...
Congratulations!! And think we were just talking about water breaking the other day and hoping that it would happen soon!  I hope mine comes on time!
Yes, mine has also been sore the past 2 days! Its strange too because I am not noticing that they are  not any fuller or anything.
Thanks Ladies. I'm glad to know what it is. It is really uncomfortable. UGH! Besides rubbing and heat, is there anything else I can do for it?
So this is a weird question but, I have been getting a pain in my right lower belly off and on for an hour. The side where I am getting the pain does feel like it tightens up but, not like a usual contraction would be. Can you have a contraction hit only one side? or is this most likely some other type of pain. The pain I am feeling is like a jabbing??
I am feeling the same way!! Hope it starts back up for you soon!! The patience needed for the last few days is something I have found to be a great challenge.
This is me all the way too!!!
I will be 40 weeks on Sunday. I had a disappointing appt. today, I have not had anymore progress in the past 2 weeks. I was really expecting to be a solid 3 or 4 but, nope still just barely 3. My midwife said my cervix even felt thicker today, it was 70%. LOL, she said it was just baby position but still it was disappointing.   On the good news. I passed 2 section of the CSET (California teacher exam) This was my first time taking it so I was excited, some people...
The 5th....whats yours?? I really though she would be a May baby...guess not!
New Posts  All Forums: