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Hope your back in with it as I type this. I would be so bummed too but, just know it can't be too far away now!!!
I totally know how you feel. I was so bummed when I figured out it was pee. Soon I hope for both of us
I have had  BH contractions with mild discomfort mostly menstral for weeks...all the sudden with the onset of these new symptoms my BH contraction have stopped...so weird.   I guess I will just keep ignoring it...everytime I start to pay attention to things like this it turns out to be just a new thing with no labor starting at least right away...
So, could it be baby just dropping and pushing out all the yuck in my colon or is this signs of labor starting. Baby doesn't feel much lower, but she is crazy active today more then ever?? Also, no contraction.   What do you ladies think??
I have had a false alarms with this pregnancy. It was pee and I had called my doula and had my midwife check so it was a little embarrassing  However, in my first pregnancy this is how my labor started so I have had experienced it being the real deal and not. What I have learned is this. Lay down( better if you are wearing nothing on the bottoms...if you have a paper or something you can put under you that is good) If it is trickling out for a while then it could be your...
I'm right there with all of you! My first pregnancy I had none of this...with this pregnancy it has been going on for weeks. I am just glad that I am making at least some slow progress.
I am not much help as I am 38 1/2 weeks pregnant however, I have been having prodromal labor for 3 1/2 weeks now...it is helping make some progress but, it can be a drag when the contractions get regular and somewhat uncomfortable and you think "yes, here we go" and then nothing!! hang in there at least you know it won't be more than another month :) That is what I keep telling myself!
It is nothing you should worry about! I have an anterior placenta with this pregnancy. Early on it was harder to feel movements but, once she got bigger I felt her just fine. She was breech until i was 36 weeks along. Now at 38weeks she has flipped down. I have heard that anterior placenta can make it so the back of their head is against your back which can make you have back labor...I am hoping this isn't the case :) I won't even think about it!
I like this idea. I have had a ton of  school work to finish off the semester and now that it is all over I have nothing to keep me busy, I feel like I am getting super anxious to have this baby. Hoping it will be anyday but, realizing it could be another few weeks makes me realize I need something to keep me busy. And something that is not baby/birth related.   I can't think of anything yet but, this thread has helped me start thinking at least! Thanks
Not sure if this will be helpful but, dd slept in between dh and I and it worked out fine. When she was really small we had this little bed thing for her that went in between us. We made sure our pillows were lower then that bed thing and it worked out really well. I'd like to say we used it until she was around 3 months or so. Then she just slept in between us but, we slept lower on the bed then dd did. This time around we bought a full size cosleeper but that is the...
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