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So I think I just got overly excited and jinked myself because I haven' had as much as a single BH contraction today...and I have been having somewhat consistant contractions for weeks. Ugh! I think I need to go back to not thinking about it. Its like I am waiting for a pot to boil, I need to walk away and not stare at it or it will never happen!!
Hugs to your friend! I would just try to support her and try to give her ideas but, if she is not interested in hearing them just let her know you are there to listen!!
okay, so my water broke by 2cm with dd1 so this time is very different. Right now I am 2 and some wiggle room, 70% effaced and have bloody show...I know its hard to say but, what do you guys think my chances of having my baby by the weekend are???
How exciting!!!!!
I am right there with you. I catch myself staring in the toilet too, trying to find any sign of anything!!!
I went up 3 lbs this week...I am not worried at all about it just surprised to see those numbers.
Had an Outie for about 2 weeks now...looks so strange!
I had HG with this pregnancy and had terrible GI issues while I was on Zofran. Not fun at all!!! I'm not sure if it is related to the Zofran but, it might be. It could be your body cleaning everything out to get ready...I have been having the runs for the past few days Hope you feel better soon!!
I love this point in pregnancy. Knowing that baby could be born at anytime now and all is good!!
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