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Man the afterpains were killer with this one! Someone warned me they can get worse with each one, and they were right! I'm 10 days post birth and my small tear feels all healed up. I still can't believe my biggest baby was my easiest recovery! Good thing she came too fast for my OB to do an episiotomy...that's the one routine thing she does for some reason, but she didn't have time! And I only ended up with a little tear.
Oh I am so glad to hear that! Congrats!
I'm in a Facebook group for a photo board, and we made a document that had user names and real names. Anyone in the group can edit it, so everybody could add themselves.
Lots of hugs for you. I'm sorry you are feeling let down by your body, I was feeling that as well when I made it all the way to my induction date. I hope you go into labor tonight and are holding your baby before the morning.
Baby Abby was born 11 days past my due date...I tried everything I could to avoid being induced, but I was grateful my OB let me go to 11 days.  Around here that's rare!  I had two previous epidural births (the second time it failed as I was going through transition), and I really wanted to do this one without an epidural...which I did thanks to a wonderful doula!   For about a week before she was born, I was having hours of 10 minute apart contractions that fizzled...
I'm thinking of you guys who are still pregnant! Lots of hugs and labor vibes.
Finally had my baby at 11 day past my due date. I had to be induced with pitocin, but thanks to my doula I made it through without an epidural. I did get a shot of nubain, I was 6 cm then three hours later I hadn't changed. The contractions were getting so intense I wasn't sure I could make it And thought I had hours to go, so I said I wanted an epidural. The anesthesiologist was in surgery so they said it would be 20 minutes. Had I known I would go from 6 to...
I'm still here, too.  10 days past my due date now, and it looks like I'll be induced tomorrow unless by some miracle I go into labor today.  I'm pretty sad my body didn't do what it was supposed to do...at 11 days past my due date I'm ready for the induction because I spend most of the day at this point worrying if the baby is doing okay...but I'm sad it came to this.  My doctor said she would just break my water and give me up to 24 hours before she started pitocin or...
Luckily she was very active yesterday, so that calmed me down a bit. I had contractions ten minutes apart for a couple hoursvagain last night and they just stopped. 9 days past my due date now...oh my goodness, please come out!
I know it normal for them to slow down a little at this point, but I feel like I spend most of the day pausing and trying to make sure I'm feeling enough movement. This morning I had to sit for like fifteen minutes and poke and prod her to get her to start moving. I can handle being eight days past my due date, I'm not uncomfortable...but now I am spending all day worrying about the baby. I just want her to come out so I can relax.
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