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Lovely!!! Sounds so similar to mine! The whole "I'm not sure I'm in labor... well, apparently I'm at 9 cm!" I'm not complaining though. Can't wait to meet her, let me know when things settle down for you guys and we'll plan something!
Here's the link to our blog with photos of our spankin new 10 lb'er... http://threelittleladies.shutterfly.com The photos of her in the knit clothing are on day 1, naked baby is day 3. She was 10 lbs 9.5 oz
Thinking of you Stephanie!!! I can't wait to meet that baby girl either!
I had prodomal labor that started on Tuesday night (that morning I suspect I started to spring a "slow leak"). By the weekend, I had mentally settled into a place of being prepared for another week or two of sleepless nights filled with irregular contractions - although with each night they continued to get more and more intense, and I wondered how much more I could really take! Saturday, we had a laidback Halloween filled with puddle splashing and coloring. By late...
Sona Mae was born at 6:37am on Sunday, November 1st. 10 lbs 9.5 oz at 39 weeks and 1 day A lovely waterbirth... couldn't have asked for more. Details to come - we're enjoying our babymoon for now!
I've read a couple birth stories lately about mama's who had trouble getting labor established because baby wasn't engaged, and if they were able to get baby settled down into the pelvis (via belly binding or ofp techniques) then labor kicked in. I've been a little worried about this happening to me b/c my prior pregnancy was twins - born at 39 weeks 5 days and 9+ lbs each, so this pregnancy it seems like my uterus has been a little on the xlarge size and baby has...
I wonder how many more of our babes will make October appearances... Halloween babies, anyone?
Definitely! We're hermits lately too... all I want to do these days is plop my kids in a place where I can loosely supervise them and lay on the couch or knit.
Don't you just hate when fears like this pop up??? First, my babe was definitely breech for a few days around 34 weeks or so and it was pretty easy to tell. It felt like she was dancing directly on my cervix when she would kick... super weird, and very different from kicks when she's been transverse or vertex. Second, who is your mw??? (just curious) it's pretty unlikely that she's consistently been wrong about her position. I know what you mean about not being...
Definitely, sub whatever fruit and juice you want! I tend to stick to all yellow fruits just b/c then it's bright green and pretty... red fruits make it a gnarly color, but they still taste great, I throw strawberries in them when I've got them.
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