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My afterpains were far worse with #2 than they were with #3.  Guess I'll find out in a few days how #4 goes.    I just do Advil for a day or so and then I'm fine.  I'm not anti-herb, but I just can't see spending $20 for a bottle that I'll use for like 2 days when I can pop a few Advil and be done. 
Most midwives in my region recommend starting it orally at 34-35 weeks and vaginally at 37 weeks.  I've done that with each of my pregnancies.  I was really good at remembering with my first 2 babies, and they were born at 38.5 and 37.5 weeks.  I was terrible at remembering with my 3rd baby, and she was born at almost 41 weeks.  :)  I'm sure there was a lot at play there, but needless to say...I'll be remembering my EPO this time.  :D  
I'm in Corvallis, but the vaccine requirements are the same across the state, so what I've experienced should be the same for you.  When it gets time to fill out all the paperwork, sometimes you are simply given the form where all the vaccine dates are supposed to be filled in.  On the back (last time I looked it was on the back) is where the exemption information is.  Simply flip it over and sign a religious exemption.  They are legally not permitted to ask you any...
I'm 23 weeks and I've LOST 23 pounds.  I couldn't really answer the poll accurately because of that.  I was pretty sick in the beginning and I still have no appetite.  My midwives aren't concerned and I'm not either, but it is still very comfortable to never want to eat. 
I'm doing the sequential screening this time.  My test date is next Monday.  I haven't seen or heard the baby yet, so I'm looking forward to some confirmation that something is alive in there.   I had the u/s and bloodword combo screening with my second and third kids.  With my second my risks went to 1:10,000, and with my third my risks went to 1:5200.  Hoping for something like that again.
Just wanted to chime in about my past experiences.  We haven't tried with this pregnancy yet (appt is next week at 12w2d), but in my past pregnancies we never found it (with my grand-midwife) until I was 12 weeks, 13 weeks, and 15 weeks, respectively.  I will be surprised if we hear it next week.  Thankfully I have an ultrasound next week too (for screening), cause when we don't hear it next week, my following appointment would be at 16 weeks and I don't want to wait...
How about this - refuse to step on the scale.  I haven't stepped on a scale in my midwife's office in 2 pregnancies.  We discuss my eating and exercise habits, and I casually monitor my weight from home, but don't talk numbers with the midwife at all.    You know what is good for your body. 
This will be #4 and will be our last.  By the time I finish bfing, I'll probably be menopausal anyway.  But we never planned to have more than 4, and I'm tired.  DH is getting snipped when this one reaches 1 year.
Homebirth #4 for me.  Since before conceiving my first, I always knew I'd have my babies at home.
I've had 4 miscarriages, all super-early, but never had my progesterone tested.  My MW just suggested I use progesterone cream 3xday, so I started that with this cycle and BAM!  Pregnancy that has stuck so far (longer than my losses).  I never had problems with my other kids.  I'll keep up the cream until 12 weeks.  I'm curious what my levels are, but my MW doesn't feel the need to check, and my insurance will screw up if I go in before January 1...so I'm just waiting...
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