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I agree that while it is on the later side of is still well within the normal range. Fine motor skills can be hard esp. for boys. Don't worry about the drawing, that will come when it's ready just keep providing the opportunities. For cutting could try the kumon cutting workbook. There is a 2+ one that it is nice. Starts with one straight line and progresses with each page.
I followed the directions! Would LOVE to win.
Would love to win. I could really use a 3rd grade curriculum from OM! I always need ideas about using OM with multiple ages at a time, there is a lot of cross over but sometimes I feel like my littles just have to go along with what the bigs are doing and not their own projects.
Had my second ubac this last oct so 2 now! Sweetpea17 did you get your vbac? Im so hoping you did!
Hello hello! That sounds fun. 4 kids is keeping me busy so on here so much less then when I had just ! =)
littleacornlearning.com best prek program out there IMHO. it is waldorf flavored so very light and easy to incorporate in to a real life rhythm. I think they still have 2 weeks you can download for free on their website.
We recycle
We use oak meadow as our main curriculum along with rightstart math and other stuff as wanted/ needed we finishouroffical. Checklist of activities by lunch . No typical schedule per say . We just make sure we get it done. Once a week or so we meet up with other he families for a play date and sometimes more depending on activities available , less in the winter more in the summer. And yep we homeschool prek
Might I say that if you're going to be in anchorage anyway you should hit Fairbanks too:)
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