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Double post
I came back and took it again as in oct I had my 2cd UC another perfect birth
Sounds like a Great giveaway!
fan of oak meadow & mothering on facebook!  :)
took it.. interesting to see I scored evenly on intra & interpersonal. hardly registered on any of the others. Hmmmmm
I had one planed c/s followed by 2 UBAC's at home. The most resent of which was 16 days ago. My first UC I had a doula, a friend, and my husband with me as I really wanted that 'person who is in the right frame of mind' and she was perfect. she helped me in a way my husband just couldn't because she was a women who had had children and someone very knowledgeable about birth. That was my same plan for this last birth but baby 3 was out between the phone call to tell...
at 5 he is totally  independent . this summer we did you 'you wipe mom checks' until he had it down.
like mothering and strider on facebook! would love to win!!!
in ak you don't have to do the pku test but generally they do it at 24 hours and then again at one week. I just do the one after my milk has come in. minimal and very temporary pain for such a test and no long term side effects. 
in Alaska we have no rules at all unless you want to use a state run program and even then rules are very light. testing starting grade 3 and quarter samples but nothing to strict, although some programs are pickier then others.
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