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In other western countries IV antibiotics aren't the standard course of action. There is a antiseptic wash they use called Hibiclens . You basically 'douche' with it at the start of labor and then every 4/6 hours.   GBS + is much more of an issue if water breaks but labor doesn't start for a long time or you have a very long labor post water breaking.    Hibiclens can be bought at walmart, target, & walgreens. From there since you know you are + you can also just be...
9 months or 2 years depending on who you ask.
planing another UC VBAC for any day now. :)
yep, i had it happen last time too around now and for the first month or two after babe was born.  I just gritted my teeth and dealt with it and it did get better. I was able to nurse them tandem for 9 months before I just couldn't do it anymore. :)   You can do it mama.
DSD at 5 was doing some pretty good art. drawings that actually LOOK like people, places, or things.  DS1 on the other hand as JUST started making 'people figures' and it's still very very basic. If left to his own devices his art is not anything that looks like anything . i've come to grips with this, really seems to be a boy thing.
I have a Doppler but with my last UC I never used it. In fact it never even crossed my mind. I liked having one there 'just in case' but I didn't use it at all.
a name i didn't see mentioned but was the first one that popped into my head when I read your list of wants was Mildred. 
nope unless you count eating ice cream.  once i get to 41 weeks then i don't mind doing a stretch and sweep but I want to give baby plenty of time to do it on his own.
Sounds normal! mixing up letters is very common in kindy and writing is something you start but really doesn't start to take off until 1st or even 2cd grade. Keep practicing and she'll get it.
i'm a convert. Balance bike from 2-3 1/2 was the reason DS1 learned to ride a two wheel in a day.  no muss no fuss, no running after holding on the back of the bike. none of that. Of course it took awhile to figure out how to use the brakes...    Best starter bikes ever.
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