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I've used both for kindy. I find that I personally need a bit of structure. a check list of things to get done or I just don't do well so OM is a better fit for using as our main curriculum. but Christopherus is full of wonderful-ness. inspiration and ideas for when I'm up for making things more waldorf-y. If I'm not up for it or we are having an 'off' week then we just do the core OM work.  I find OM is very easy to adjust if needed. I can make things more waldorf-y...
well one method is to only sumit the minimum required samples in order to stay in compliance. Not sure about there but here it is one sample of each subject per quarter.     Some ideas though for keeping records for even 'on the fly' learning is to keep your camra with you. Lots of learning happens but doesn't 'produce' anything that can be kept in a portfolio. I take pictures of it, print them out, & caption them. Perfect for things like science projects, on the fly...
oh and coffee. love me and need me some coffee. I couldn't take it for the first couple of months and still can't take a whole bunch of shots in it but I don't deny myself my love of the white mocha.
Mmmm I don't have TOO many things since a lot of them have to do with meat and I'm a vegetarian but I have a couple of things.    Eaten Brie Eaten blue cheese spent a bit of time in a hot tub (although not really as mostly i just sat on the edge and put my legs in) Eaten raw cookie dough totally lift things 'over the limit'
i've only had 1 UC birth (so far planing another in oct) so that glitch didn't bother me. 
ya'll feel free to come and 'nest' at my house. I've never really done the nesting thing. I mean things that have to get done get done, (like finding a home for newborn closing or pulling the infant carseat out of  the shed) but I don't get any overwhelming need to do cleaning. 
happy to answer :) can't wait to see the stats.
I also use sonlight in a secular way but as a curriculum suggestion have you looked at Oak Meadow? Not too exspensive and good for right brained kids. You can always add bits here and there if you want to and feel up to it but if you can't then it's all right there for you. The website gives you a  breakdown of what is taught at each grade and you can order a sample for any grade k-8 to get a feel for it.
I'm going to have hubby wash them while i'm away in 2 weeks. all the newborn stuff has been in storage since ds2 out grew it so it reallllllly needs it. Now where it is going to live after it's been washed?   I have no idea.
all our kids brush teeth, pj up, and get stories read at 8 by 830 they are in bed... now what time they go to sleep? well that varies but they are in bed tucked in by 830. oldest has to get up early as she is PS'ed so she gets up about 645-7. the boys wake up between 8 and 830 on their own.
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