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I try to limit myself to the current year and no more then 1 year above it so there is some wiggle room as to the resources I have on hand. Although I just bought a few things that there is NO WAY I can use for at least 2 years but they were on clearance and just so cheap I couldn't pass them up.
I've only used OM prek - 1st with my own kids and 6th with my brother a few years ago. I very much enjoy it. It's structured enough to make me feel like I know what to do but waldorf enough that that i don't feel it's too much for the kids.   Yes 6th wasn't us based at all, I think 7th is and then 8th is something about seeing how European  US history combines into modern times but Don't trust me on that... You could email and ask for samples lessons for 6th - 8th...
67 months straight so far which included 9 months tandem with ds1 and ds2. ds3 will be born in oct so I don't see it stopping anytime soon. :)
I think GED is a fine option. But I would seriously look at it when the time gets closer. If she has any want to go to college at all you may want to hold off so you can duel enroll in hs/college . You get credits for both but the college classes are cheaper or sometimes even free with duel enrollment. If you play your cards right she can graduate from 'highschool' with an AA or even a BA degree and never actually have to step foot in a high school classroom.   Once...
Mix and match is totally fine :) you might look into http://www.oakmeadow.com it's not pricey and just enough structure to feel like you're 'doing something' but not so much so as to be rigid.  I've been using it for 3 years and totally love it. It is also really easy to add in more or supplement when you want to but isn't necessary.   I rather like RightStart math myself as it's heavy on manipulative's and that's what my kindy kid needs to really get it.   Hand...
mine hasn't come in.. I still have milk although a lot less then I used to not that my 2.5 year old minds. With my last pregnancy it didn't switch over until the new baby was born and then my milk came in the next day. 
I generally store them with the decorations so that they only come out for a bit every year. There are a few general seasonal books that don't get put away but get taken off the most used shelves.
I was going to second the 'skip it' suggestion. I loved mine when I was a kid. I think these days they only have the kinds with the built in counters but if their is an option make sure you get that one. Once you get good counting the skips gets HARD!
oh my! I'm gad he is doing so well I wish you both all the luck int he world.  A note: pumping for a NICU baby sucks and is really hard but just keep at it. I've been there get some support from other NICU BFing moms (past or present) rightaway. It can be a mommy sanity saver.
I always knew SAHM was what I wanted to do for the benefit of my children. Not to mention when you add in childcare costs it would now cost me more money then I could make to work and have them in daycare.  I'm also a really bad employee, but I'm a good SAHM. 
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