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I like having two separate accounts. that way there is no chance for us both to spend the 'extra' money and not know that we've now over drawn ourselves. DH gets paid and bills for the month get paid first.  anything left gets split up between our accounts evenly. if one of us has a need for a bigger portion or extra we just transfer money between our accounts as needed.
I agree with the others. why should your job be 24/7 but somehow he gets to put up his feet at 5 every night. His kids too he needs to get off his bum and help parent them.
We love magic school house books/tapes/kits and myth busters here too. This year we are buying a few kits from http://www.academyofscienceforkids.com/ it's not a full curriculum but it's fun and with a couple of added books or internet research it could be. 
I agree with others. Some 4 year olds LOVE to write but really it's not age appropriate to force it. What did you use for kindy with your older child? You can introduce letters using letter stories and have her make letters using sticks, play dough, Bread... Etc. draw it in chalk have her walk a letter. Writing comes later. (I think my waldorf is showing.... )
Haha my first post 12/06 - and you know I posted a lot about wanting a selective/delay vax icon ( and later a hbac one) glad to have them in my sighie now Hiya all. I think I found this while searching vax information on google... I've always been sure of what I wanted to do with my children : : and selective / delay vax (Sorry it's just so much more fun with all the icons! why isn't there a delay vax icon ? ) And coming up this feb my little one should be out and I...
they do have them at krogers\walmart but i think at least here they are about 3.50 or so each. sometimes you can get a discount if you buy a whole box of things from them but you would have to ask... that might also be more then you need.
we had the free trial of reading eggs and did really like it I only had two issues. 1 being that a bit of repetition is good but there is a LOT of it. the other being a few of the games were time sensitive... as in you had to click on the falling EE from the top of the screen. My ds can see it but doesn't have the mouse skills to track a moving object on the screen with the mouse and click on it.   I love starfall. com for the letters.. the 'reading' area... i'm not...
so I've not used it but I've gone back and looked at it and read reviews a lot because it sounds sooooo nice. In the end though it seems to be mostly a list of books to use... and that's just not enough for me. Even Earthschooling's curriculum which I think is rather like GVS is just not structured enough for me to be able to use.  Oak meadow I really like and are using it for our core for the 3rd year in a row. 
our last cabin had an open loft. really we just didn't let the kids play up there but one thing that put my mind more at ease was they make these mesh pull gate things... They are intended for decks around a pool I think.. We got 2 and attached them to the wall of the loft area so at least it wasn't just a drop off.     going up the stairs i've over the years ridged baby gates in all kinds of ways so that it clocks the stairs... I've also used book cases set up on...
we are still working on transitioning DS1 from cosleeping with me to his own bed. So far my strategy has been he comes upstairs and falls asleep with me and the baby as usual. then I get up and go do stuff. Right before I go to get I pick him up and tuck him in his own bed. It at least makes sure that he is good and asleep by the time he ends up there and will generally sleep 6 or so hours in his bed before he comes back up.  
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