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if baby weighs in at 25% on the chart then..... that is not a fat baby.... sure maybe if she was 70 - 100% but she sounds normal to me. You said you cant switch but maybe there is a NP or another ped in the same office you could try then the insurance should be the same.
I don't have anything but the actually original set of books but I would be likely to keep them. rather like national geographic magazines they are rich sources of information for Years.
the PS kids down the road tell me all the time they wish they could home school,.... I think it's mostly a 'the grass is always greener' syndrome that everyone gets at times.    Maybe ask a bit and figure out what it is she is looking for. is it the bus take a? ride on the public bus. hanging with friends? maybe more play dates at the park or even classes... art\music\swimming\whatever it is she is into. If there is a co-op in your area that might fill the...
we do year round -ish . as in we move to a fun lighter curriculum during the summer that we might not otherwise get to cover. (last year was a 'trip around the world' this year is Moving beyond the page.) But I don't stress as much about getting it down and we are a LOT lighter only doing 1 or 2 'school' things. about 10am the neighbor kids knock on the door and that's pretty much the last time I see my kids unless they are hungry hurt or tired. Who am I to argue with...
we had good luck with the 6th grade curriculum from oak meadows with my brother who has aspergers and I use OM with my own kids as well. The timberdoodle suggestion was also good. personally I didn't like calvert. it was TOO structured in some places and lacking in strange educational spots in others but in all fairness I only used kindy so higher grades may be different and structured can be a very good thing for an aspergers kid... I believe they have samples you can...
I am :) same user name as on here. I just did two sets of baby socks.
I agree it was probably an accident... now if it happens again... well that's another story.
She wont let herself starve. YOUR job is to prepare healthy meals for her. HER job is to eat it. If she passes then she goes hungry for a while but I promise she wont let herself starve. As others said with no real problems that need to be addressed with PT then it's stage. Annoying and frustrating but it will pass.
I think I may of just posted in the one in homebirth but YES. My first was a c\s 2cd a planed u\c and this one will be a u\c as well unless something comes up during pregnancy. 
  It's NOT a long labor for a first timer. 24 hours is pretty standard for a first birth.  Due to that and her suggestion of getting a c\s just to 'let it over with' I wouldn't touch that 'midwife' witha  ten foot pole. 
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