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I just wanted to pop in and add something, although I had my own bed growing up and noramlly slept in it I was often in my moms bed. We slept together frequently until... I was 15? and even now when given the chance we prefer to share a bed... I don't know.... just something about the calming emotion of being close to mom I suppose. I plan to let DS (soon to be DS2 and any others) to sleep with me as long as they deem fit.
not for the same reasons but me and DH do not sleep in the same bed either although we are in the same room. He and (when we have her) his daughter sleep in 'his' bed and me and DS (and also DS2 when he comes) Sleep in the other one. for us it isn't a permanent situation but at least for the next year that's how it's going to be.... I kinda like it.
it's possible it's color blindness but if it doesn't run in your (or DH's) family and there haven't been any huge head trauma it is prob just not really 'getting' the color thing yet. Just keep pointing out the RED fire truck the GREEN house, the BROWN dog etc. he'll get there.
Ok i'll jump on board and add my list too: - Get DS's homeschool stuff planed for dec & Jan so I have it all set up and wont have to think about it - Get anything out of the shed that needs to come live in the house (including baby clothing/diapers) put in house and find where it is going to live for the year. - Get birth Supplies in house and organized. - birth class / sib prep class?? ..maybe.. - Make extra food stuffs and put it outside to freeze. -...
I do have one.... i haven't WORN it yet but i mean to..... I need one that is fully covering as I'm messy.... I got one from an mennonite clothing site as it was the only one I found that was really what i was looking for.
I dont use sonlight but i looked through the catalog this year thinking i might... I'm not christan so I was really picky when I went through it. I did find some of their books wonderful and then just ordered them used on amazon. Most everything else was things i already had or could get else where and I felt it didn't have nearly enough craft-y stuff. I'm more of a waldorf HSer who likes the monissori materials so i use littleacornlearning.com TONS I also have a...
nope. and with K and even the other early grades I think it's sill to try. Cover 'reading skills' daily. (IE reading to her or with her if she is reading) Cover 'practical life' daily (an easy one as practical everything counts ) Go outside everyday. everything else find a 'schedule' that works for her.
WEll it's not 'shape/color/alphabet' based but I like littleacornlearning.com more of a waldorf approach but i think it's great for little kids. There are also a ton of idea books out there.... I go through my books and do the 'school schedule' for my 2.5 yr old every week. I normally have a book and theme for the week. one craft or painting/coloring activity every day. one 'practice life' (cutting veggies, helping me bake, practicing concepts like on, over under etc)...
I know the two gals starting it up. if the info from the PP doesn't get you in contact with them PM me and i'll get you a good number.
i jsut got the book and CD's and just started. I'm gonna DIY'er it and see how it goes.
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