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Wow. I have to say that if I had the same name as my mother, let alone my mother and both sisters, I would have it legally changed the very first chance I got.
Goodness NO! But funnily enough, the other day I was getting dressed to go out with my husband and our 5 year old came in picked out which dress was prettiest, told me I should brush my hair and then announced that I was; "Smokin' Hot." LOL! I asked him where he had heard that expression and he said it was in a Johnny Test cartoon. Too funny.
OMG, that is AWFUL. That poor sweet little guy! Can you imagine? Someone is paying that woman to abuse and shriek at their prescious little boy? I would be beyond livid if I was his parent. Thank you for standing up for him. Thank you so much.
I have taken things and would not hesitate to do so again if I ran into something cool... but the best trash picking experience I ever had was when we moved from a largeish place to a small space and we piled; clothes, toys, housewares, books, patio furniture etc etc etc by the dumpster in the complex we were in. Nothing sat for more than 20 minutes. I was so happy that all my stuff got "recycled!"
Aww, poor Ivy. I have some boys here who try really hard to be gentle and kind. My oldest is autistic and kinda volitile, but he responds so sweetly to smaller, vulnerable souls. *HUGS* from all of us. I too, would love to see the Special Needs commune. Wow, imagine having friends for my kids! My oldest has one close friend and my younger 2 have no friends. It breaks my heart. Especially my 11 year old... he needs a friend something fierce.
Our local CVS has Vo5 shampoo on sale for 66 cents a bottle, maybe yours does too! Not sure when the sale started or might end, just wanted to let you mamas know.
Personally, I use Flylady. I have my timer and I set it to 15 minutes and I do what I can. Its hard for me to explain the system, but you can drop by her website if you like she is at flylady dot net. (we're not supposed to put up links, right?) Anyway, I never had to deal with twins so that is a challenge I am unfamilliar with. I wish you and yours Bright Blessings.
Man, that SUCKS. Have you tried freecycle to look for some replacements for lamps or even appliances? Sometimes people have stuff just sitting in their garage that they don't use and are willing to give away. With Freecycle you just need to go get the things. Maybe a friend could help/loan you their car?
If you feel releived and relaxed and peaceful without these people in your life than I would say that is the answer. They are toxic and being around them is poisoning you. The fact that they blame you for everything is just the radioactive icing on their poisonous cake. *hugs*
I am sorry you are having to deal with this. It is such a strange position to be in: wondering if your husband is gay or bisexual and feeling confused about his attitude/actions toward you. I have been there. My first marriage was an absolute train wreck. We lived together for a year and a half before getting married and all of a sudden on our wedding night... he doesn't want to have sex... and this goes on for 18 months. After that he grudgingly dtd once a month....
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