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Aw, you poor thing. I am so sorry you are going through this. It sucks to feel trapped an powerless. I just had to stop and hug you, I am not sure what to advize off the top of my head. Hang in there.
Go You!!!
My kids eat cereal with soymilk, popcorn or a pb&j sandwich. some times I get tortillas and melt some shredded cheese on them and roll them up... but we don't do a lot of cheese here. My hubby and I eat vegan and the kids eat vegetarian.
We sold our house this past December when almost no houses were selling. We decluttered, cleaned up the yard, made some important repairs with the help of friends and family etc. We hired a realtor and listened to what he thought the house would sell for. We decided he was a bit over-optimistic about what we could get for it and went a bit lower. After one month with some traffic and no offers, we dropped the price $10,000 and within a few weeks we had 2 offers. (one...
Quote: Originally Posted by Thystle No one said you had to feel guilty. The population keeps going up, and resources keep going down or get mismanaged. Drought keeps getting worse. I think we are heading for something new that cannot be compared to the past... as there has never been this many people on the planet in history. Exactly. The spike in food prices, like the cost of wheat going up 57% (or whatever) is about supply and...
Food prices are rising world wide, not slowly but quickly. It makes sense to stock up now as much as I can. In our local paper yesterday there was an article about the spike in food prices being very worriesome because it was happening to all the major staple basically at once.... and they are not going to come down anytime soon. According to the article, another worrying factor is that stored food surpluses are already dwindling, there is no cushion available to help...
My BIL babysits so he can use our washer and dryer. We are thrilled.
*sigh* I know. One of my nieces (at about 2) was given no bedtime routine at all and it really bothered me. She would just get plunked in her crib and then my sis would leave the room and shut the door leaving my niece in the dark and crying. I have to admit, living in the same house, I did sneak in there when I could and would whisper stories to her. I have rarely treasured words more than her; "night, night Auntie. I wuv you." Crap, I think I'm going to cry....
The price increases are very real and climbing fast. I have watched my grocery budget go from $75/week to $125/week in about a year. It took nearly a decade for my budget to go from $50/week to $75/week. Gas has gone up ridiculously and it shows no sign of stopping. It isn't the news telling me this, it is my reciepts, my wallet and my bank account. It is all so crazy. I am getting worried about just how bad it will get.
I adore his books and have read them all. I particularly like the Bloodsucking Fiends/you suck "series" and A Dirty Job. I think my favorite is The Stupidest Angel... but really I love them all. ^_^
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