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Wow, it sounds like your friend is in such a terrible, stressful place in her life. I think I would help her out, hang out with her, offer to watch the high needs toddler if I could. I think I would also reccomend that she seek out ways to reduce her stress. She clearly needs all the support she can get.
I love living in the frozen north. *shudders* I have seen roaches in my life, once while living in a really bad apartment I saw LOTS of them as our apt. only got a partial spray due to my migraines. (I saw three ALBINO roaches there were so many) and working in a restaurant in the basement of an old, old building I saw roaches and once found a HUGE one. GAH!!! Now I am all squicked out!!!!
That is awful. The poor little girl. It really is surprising that the mom is not making the connection between her lack of night time care with her child's failure to thrive. That is just so sad.
Welcome to MDC. I am in western MA.
Quote: Originally Posted by hubris (((hugs))) She sounds like a narcissist. Do NOT beat yourself up for feeling the way you do about her. And FWIW, avoidance is pretty much the only way to deal with a narcissist. You cannot change her. Do what you need to do to keep your family healthy. I'm so sorry that you're going through this. I could have written most of your post. It sucks having a mother like this. It's very, very difficult to...
Wow, I just bookmarked so I can go back and really check it out later. ^_^ Thanks for the link!
Hey Rachael, Awww, I get lonely too! Homeschooling 3 kids is my life and there is so little left for me and I am so tired. I mean, I love the homeschool thing, I do, but it can get overwhelming at times. *hugs*
Wow, I would have freaked when I was a kid if the librarians tried to micro-manage my choices. I was way ahead of my age group in reading and liked fairly adult themes too.
Hi, I have 2 kids from my forst marriage and they are 11 and 14. When I left said marriage they were 6 weeks and 3 years, so we have a looong history of back and forth between homes. We have spent a fortune over the years on toys and clothes that have gone to my ex's never to be seen again or only to resurface once they are long outgrown. It has been infuriating for us, but aside from a few items here and there we decided that these are the kid's things and they get to...
5, 11 & 14. ^_^
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