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I was a little disturbed to read the comment that one poster didn't know anyone of a non-Christian faith who was into really examining themselves and trying to live in a better, more loving way. (forgive me if I am getting it a little wrong, I have a headache) I am Pagan and a lot of my friends are Pagan and many of are always seeking to live better, to do more for others and to be better and better people, mothers and community members. I am always working on my flaws...
I am so frustrated right now. In this moment, I feel like this kid is impossible and I just don't want to try anymore. Every time I open my mouth to offer a suggestion all I get is the most flippant disrespectful attitude, and I have worked my butt off to make things work for this kid. This kid violently shhhhushes even the slightest noise from his brothers while he studies. When his 11 year old brother is trying to work, my teen is chattering away while the timid...
I just wanted to say that I love our spiders. I let them live in the house because they hunt the other bugs. Any found in or too close to sleeping areas is moved to the basement. Keeping things clean and dry really cuts down on most bugs. NOT our lady bugs or ants mind you, but I still have hope.
I would totally FREAK if my home were full of bugs!!!! I say this, but we do have a ladybug problem and those little sugar ants. Ugh. I wish they would both GO AWAY, but our housing is currently free so I am not going to complain too much.
That is awesome! I love the jjill catalog but have never ordered from them. My deals lately come from coldwater creek and Chadwick's clearance sales where I get up to 80% off and sometimes free shipping too. ^_^
Wow, that sounds so frustrating, its like you are not being heard at all. Two years worth of disposable diapers, man, that would be expensive! If it were me, I think I would donate them all to a homeless shelter or someplace like that.
We have had 2 ferrets, both female, both adult rescues. They are about as endearing as it gets. They do smell a bit funny, but once you get used to it it isn't bad, its a bit sweet really. We gave ours this deoderising stuff in their water that helped a lot. They do use litter boxes as long as they are in their cage but they are not experts in that area. I cleaned the litter box daily. They will attack and kill rodents so if you have pet rats or mice it is best to...
I love sewing by hand. I make cloth napkins all the time that way. ^_^ It is very meditative and grounding for me too.
Holy crap, Pottydiva! That sucks. I wish I could live near you. I don't have any girls, but me and my boys would love to come to your daughter's party! Heck, I'd throw her a party, I love throwing theme birthdays and getting crazy with the decorations. ^_^
omg aurakitten, I hope she's okay. *HUGS* I can't believe that doc was so rude to you, you were following one of his colleage's advice!!!
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