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Wow, your parents need to learn to appreciate having such a thoughtful, loving daughter. Being gracious and appreciative towards someone who has given you a gift is more important that whether or not you love the gift itself. Your parents sound horribly materialistic.
Oh cool! Thank you for sharing the link!
I could not stand to have my newborns out of my sight! I would not have slept at all if they took my babies out of the room. I know there are circumstances where mom really needs the rest and trusts the staff, but I think it is sad that infants being whisked away to the nursey is the norm.
Wow, that guy is really projecting his crap onto little babies....
Aww, thanks mamas. It really feels like such a relief and an accomplishment. Our big goal is to become debt free and get some serious money socked away for retirement for us and college for the kids. Looooong way to go still, but making it through step one feels really good.
We have had 2 ferrets, both rescues who were older. Both have died. They were the sweetest little creatures, and we miss them terribly. I hope your new ferret friends will bring you as much joy as you give them.
After a year (approx.) of depositing little bit after little bit we finally have $1000 in our emergency fund! We still have 2 high interest loans; one on our car and one for career training that my husband took, I guess those are the next to go before we start socking money away for college for the kids and retirement for us. I can't believe it actually happened, we actually completed step on of the plan.
aww, Daniel's Kitty, don't feel bad for giving your babe tylenol. I am not big on medicating kids, but if their pain or illness is such that they can't sleep I give mine tylenol too. Sleep is vital to healing so I make an exception.
I am feeling like the Earth is waking up even though my corner of it is wrapped in ice. : subbing.
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