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Quote: Originally Posted by aussiemum I'm with you there, for sure. I'm not quite 40 & I've only just started to get a few grays, but I do reckon I look better at 37 than I did at 17 or 20. Now I enjoy getting fit & staying that way, much more than I used to when I was younger.... maybe now I'm starting to understand what it means to 'use it or lose it'... Yep, me too. Now that I am older and not immune to whatever I want to throw at my...
I intend to age naturally, gracefully and not at all like my mother's generation who all look ridiculous with their faces pulled back like rictus masks and their hair above the obviously stretched faces looking soooo unnatural and odd. No, no thanks. I am not going to dye or perm or get surgery. I am not afraid of aging. I look better at 40 than I did at 20 and I love my gorgeous gray hair.
Hmm, well, she would be much better off indoors, not to mention how much better that would be for the kittens. Do you have a basement that is reasonably warm where she could be enclosed away from your 6 month old? Or a spare room that is not in use? If so, you could put a large corrugated cardboard box with some old worn towels (or even an old plush bathrobe you no longer need) in a corner away from drafts. Make sure any area she has access to is free of toxins and...
Wow. That sounds so not right.... I agree with you that we cannot know what it is like to walk in your friend's shoes... but OUCH. Shouldn't the child one commits to be able to count on one?
Quote: Originally Posted by becoming Anyway, when we got up on stage for the "overall" competition (DD was "nominated" for overall best smile), there was a mama & her 2-year-old next to us on stage, and she was whispering to her DD in a very mean voice, "Shake your butt, Haley! Shake your booty RIGHT NOW." I wanted to RUN from that stage. I have never even considered doing another pageant since that day, and I am horrified that I ever thought it was...
Heh, for me bookstore trips are an outing I enjoy and if my 5 year old wants to be a bear about it then thats what he's going to do. I do lots of things I truly do not enjoy just because he enjoys them and he can return the favor on occasion. I do talk to him and work with him explaining that we all need to learn to do some things we don't like to do and do them happily out of consideration for others. We all make compromises and we all take turns. Sometimes mommy gets...
The most? I do not know. You might try E-bay or listing it for sale in a newspaper.
There is another name for that type of pillow too... I grew up calling them sit-up pillows or elephant hinies but the name they sell under on amazon and at Target etc is "bedrest."
Well, I am allergic to mold and seriously cannot have it around so I use Tilex foaming mold killing cleaner. I can't think of the exact name... hold on a sec... Tilex has a mold and mildew remover spray and one called mildew root, I use them both. They do both contain bleach which is not the greatest thing to spray all over the house and smells pretty strong too, but it does kill the mold.
Snowsuits, boots, waterproof mittens or gloves, hats, scarves, warm socks. Also, lots of clothes that will layer well like long sleeved shirts, sweaters and even a vest. Polar fleece is very warm. Look in thrift stores for good prices on decent to great stuff. In the summer I check tag sales too for things someone might have outgrown that one of my boys could wear. Welcome to the winter! Its a blast.
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