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I have just thousands of them. They are a passion/obsession/addiction around here so the house is full of them. We have books in pretty much every room; 3 smallish bookshelves in the living room, 3 in the bedroom, a basket of them in the bathroom, 1 book shelf per kid in the bedrooms, 1 bookshelf in the dining room and random books in corners everywhere. ... I have been working on this area, believe it or not. I have given away roughly 2/3 of the books I had a year...
Sometimes we feel worse before we feel better when we start getting healthy. I have been reading "Eat to Live" and I know the author/M.D. mentioned that this does happen but its temporary. Our bodies react and to changes and then adjust. I just changed our diets too to loads more fresh veggies and fruits rather than all the refined carbs we were eating and I am feeling alternately great and not so great as my body adjusts. It will all get better with time.
Mine have lasted... huh, forever? Lets see... I got two of them 18 years ago and the other 2 used to belong to other people and I have no idea how elderly they might be. As far as I can tell they never wear out. But I never get the coated kind because I think teflon is unhealthy.
I haven't had the chance to go to a thrift store in a while... so my bargains aren't that impressive: ~some new T-shirts for my kids for $1.50 each at target on clearance ~new polar fleece pant for me for $8 (mmmm, warm) ~new Jeans for me for $14 on sale. ~Date night with hubby including a 1 hour, roof top hot tub and a nice dinner for $48. nothing really to brag about. I do much better at thrift stores.
Personally, I always flashed my whole darn boob at anyone who gave me that kind of grief. Seriously, people need to get over it.
TexasSuz, I got the strong impression that the reason having the SIL call for her was an issue, was because of an unresolved argument with the hubby. Having the SIL call for her was MIL's way of avoiding having to appologize/resolve and was disgustingly manipulative behavior. It also sounds like it is a major pattern of behavior for this MIL. Yeah, we should all be nice to each other, wouldn't that be great? But BiscuitBaby's MIL hates her and blames her for...
books and anime.
But if you are in financial bad shape, you can try to get a bed through freecycle and save up for a better one.
Disgusting. I find the whole thing just sickening. I don't care about age difference, doesn't bother me a bit. This relationship is vile because he was with the girl's mother for AGES and should have viewed Soon-yi as a daughter. The fact that he did not is inexcusable.
We cut out most junk foods and eat real food like fresh fruits and nuts and stuff for snacks. What junk food we have, cookies etc, I usually make from scratch, we do get ice cream for the kids sometimes though and some soda. I bake biscuits a lot to go with dinner as they are cheap homemade and I can make them with whole wheat flour that way. We eat vegan, so we aren't buying meat or dairy etc. In some ways this saves money but it balances out some as a few of the...
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