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Dd is 5. This had been going onabout 5 days.. er, nights now. I don't knew if it's a coincidence or if this issue was set of by her drinking expired grape juice. My mom let her drink some that was expired almost a year (bottle was never opened)! The plastic was even discolored looking. Don't even get me started on how that happened! Anyhow, my mom tasted it and said it tasted fine. Dd felt like she was going to puke maybe 20 mins later. Never did. The following nights...
   I Had what I thought was implantation spotting nearly 4 weeks ago. I started taking my BBT again after several negative HPTs but no AF. In my past pregnancies I've tested strongly positive before AF, so I don't expect things would be different now.    After temping for a little over a week, my temps have ranged from 97.3 at the lowest and the last 4 days at around 98.1. Thats a big range that seems relatively high for me. In the past, my pre-O BBTs are usually in the...
Thanks for the input! Yes, we co sleep, so that does help a ton
Dd nurse all night and usually wakes somewhere between 4 and 5 to nurse before she wakes up for the day around 630-7 which is when I usually temp. The routine is, I roll over to feed her and sometimes just fall asleep again doing so. Would affect my temps if I don't physically gettout of bed or completely wake up I.e I don't really exert much energy?
Well, im but even sure if this is a cyst. Git a while I thought I might be pregnant since af never showed up and I had what I thought was implantation spotting. Several bfns later, and almost 3 weeks after the brief spotting, here I am with craps still like af is gong to come. Been having them on and off for the lat week or week and a half. My question is if it is a cyst, how long (days/weeks wise) would this intermittent cramping continue? Is this something that...
Just wondering if there's is an obgyn (I live in Fremont) that is supportive of birthing choices (had two home births) and who won't make me feel bad about being long overdue for a pap smear :-)
Ah... a cyst is something that I never thought about! Could be a possibility. I don't have any history of them except for one that I think burst when dh and dtd while prego with dd2. If this keeps up I'll make an appointment to see a Dr. Now I have to find an ob I like!
i feel like the nursing has been pretty consistent. no noticeable increase.. .anyways, she is almost 2.5! =)   i took an HPT and it was negative.  Ok, so maybe it is hormonal, but it is so strange! I've had lots of CM lately and SWORE my period was coming a week ago.  Yesterday my cramps started becoming much more noticeable. Maybe i'm a hormonal mess. last night i had to sleep in a tank top because i was so hot. i'm confused! thanks for the support. 
I thought I was starting my period 2 weeks ago with some light spotting (red when I wiped) but didn't. The last few days I've been having occasional period like cramps and low back achiness with mucus that feels wet, but again no period. I'm still nursing, had 3pp af but they were pretty consistent cycles. This past Wednesday (a day our two after the cm started) got a bfn. Nothing has really changed in my life stress wise, so what could this be?
Just stumbled across this. What ever happened to OP? Anyways, I think in 21 dpo, though not really sure. Had what I thought would be af 2 weeks ago with some spotting. Tested two days ago with a. Bfn. Still getting cramping but no af yet. I didn't knew this was such a comin thing! I feel like im in a support group of sorts! Lol....
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