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Ah... Well that's comforting, in a flatulent sorta way! How long did it last? I swear I'm gassy all day long regardless of what I eat, it seems
Pardon my language but WTF??!! I have been SOOO gassy lately, as in the past couple weeks.   Can someone shed some light? I've made lots of changes to my diet, eliminating basically the top 8 allergens, plus strawberries and chocolate (per scratch test)  b/c my BF DD has eczema and trying to determine the culprit. None determined... still itchy.    Perhaps its because I started taking my probiotics regularly? before I would take one here and there, now I do about...
No not indelible, just "too salty for my taste" although my mom seems to think its just right.How do u know if fermentation has started? So you mean it'll be less salty as it sits (in the fridge,?) I moved it after day four.
ps: if you've got any more ideas in this detective work, please bring them on! i've been trying hard to incorporate all the ideas other mamas have posted here.
She has been tested for allergies which she does have a few.. IgE related, but the ones that came out negative, I still dont know if she reacts to (other immunoglobulins) so i dont know if these are delayed reactions. she was tested for dust mites and feathers, both of which are negative.  I've kept a food journal, but have no idea still.. noting where we've been, who she'd seen that day, what i ate, how extreme her itchiness was... etc, but i just cant figure it...
Can I use baking soda or.borax to soften the water in my laundry so I can try using soap in the wash without sprining for a water softened? If so, how? I also have a front loading washer, if that makes any difference. Really curious and sooooo wanna try soap!
I apologize if I seem redundant here. I know I've posted many desperate questions:   DD has eczema. Shes 6mos and EBF. I have ZERO clue what her triggers are (internal/external)   I'm looking at dietary triggers now and, again, ZERO clue what it could be. I also think to myself sometimes, "do I have leaky gut?"   So, assuming my "gut leaks" and that she is allergic to something I am eating, what would be more important to start with, fixing my gut or...
I started taking digestive enzymes and am noticing that i am still gassy, though I dont feel bloated after meals anymore.  I s that normal?
UH OH!  Too salty.. is there a way to fix this? Its been three days since i made the batch.  just put water??
wondering what oil to use.  My newest diet venture do determine sensitivities in food for DDs eczema is down to this as i still have no clue what her food triggers are, (i just pray she is not sensitive to salicylates or anything else in this diet) but i dont know what oil to use.  Is there anything that is least allergenic
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