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Well, tried it! I see no noticeable difference, unlessvivdid it wrong. Maybe u should have washed all the bedding besides the ones she rests her head on? Who knows.... Anyways,. She didn't get worse tho, so that's good.
Great advice! Some questions 1 what doesvthe brine solution consist of? 2 are there recipes for different veggies? 3 does the type of salt you use make a difference?
Anyone btdt with eczema? I'm worried about delays in development with Dd. her eczema keeps us from giving her tummy time so I'm worried she's not going to get the opportunity to develop the muscles and coordination required for crawling. She also has a paci in her mouth most of the day because it helps distract her from her constant itching. So, not only am I worried about her getting used to having a paci in her mouth all the time, but she doesn't get to babble much. She...
I think I just have to ask this because I am really not so sure. I can't believe this all dawned on me just now, and to think, I have two kids and never batted an eye to the poop. I guess I just always thought what was coming out was normal. DD2 has gnarly eczema and now I'm just realizing that I dont even know what her poop is "supposed" to look like. I'm trying to see (via her poop) if she is reacting to certain things. What does one mean by "mucuosy" ? Like, you SEE...
welll, I guess I should say that we havent used fabric softener in the drier, LATELY. Its been a good few months and even before we rarely used them.She shares our bed. I will be washing pillow cases (shes been laying on them lately to keep her nose clear d/t a cold) and all her blankets so she can have a barrier between us and the bed.We have a bird, althoug she tested negative to feathers from the skin prick test.Its worst on her face. She barely has any on her body,...
Not sure if I'm posting this in the right place, but... Can you use soap in hard water? If not, is there a way to do it without irritating the skin? DD has horrible eczema and I want to see if its the detergent. I keep reading soap is much milder, but dont want to spring for a water softener until I know it works.
  Ok. Think I just just do this over for few cycles before throwing them in the drier and using them?
I have a front loading washer. Ok, so let me clarify you suggestions before I go and start (I have been having nothing but brain fart moments... SO STRESSED!!)Simply wash all the baby's stuff in hot water, no anything else with it, until the water is clear (perhaps 2-3 times). Can I just throw it in the wash once and put it for pre-rinse and extra rinse a couple times and that would be considered "4 washes"? (KWIM?)After running through the cycle of all this, is it ok to...
    Hmmm... Never thought of vinegar as an irritant.  She had the eczema before we started it in the wash, but whats the harm of taking it out.  Might as well give it a whirl!   So, are you suggesting just wash our clothes in hot water only? Will that "clean" them (all the funk from the day and things like deodorant, make up, lotions, hair products.. etc? We wash all the clothes the same, so that means everyones stuff will be in hot water only?
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