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There is also a Dora book on that episode called Big Sister Dora. My 3 yr old DD loves it.    
I am America and have lived in Ireland with my Irish husband for over 12 years (married for 11). We have one DD (3 years) and are trying for number 2.  I have been a dual citizen since 2003. I get back to America once a year and my mom comes over once or twice a year.
My mother went to law school when I was really young. She then became a lawyer and went into politics. She loved us but was a workaholic. We had a live-in nanny. My Dad was a USMC officer and then worked after he retired. He did most of the taking to games and even the leader of the Campfire Girls.They both gave a me a strong work ethic and  a desire to acheive. Now that I am a mother, I work full time and am nearly finished with my second mother. I was a workaholic...
Thanks, Pleasantly. I am getting an anchor scar as well. Well done, Poorlittlefish and congratulations on the new baby.
Thanks, Pleasantly. Well done, Poorlittlefish and congratulations on the new baby.
I am not BFAR yet (I am planning a reduction this year. I am a 32HH and 4'10 3/4 and 116lbs. I am in daily pain. I can't wait any longer and pulling my back out a number of times a week. I am praying that I will be able to BFAR. ) Your story is an inspiration. About nipple pain, I breastfed my daughter. The cracking and pain lasted for the first couple weeks. I coated my nipples Lanisnoh, went topless and cried through it. I came out the other side through sheer...
Hi all, I am one of the quieter members but hope someone can help me. I have been referred by my GP for a breast reduction on the NHS (read: National Health Service= free). Goodness, know I need one. I am a 34HH and not quite 5 feet tall. I gained another 2 cups after having my DD. I have loads of back and shoulder pain and skin problems from them. My concern is DH and I plan on having one more baby on a couple years. I want to be able to breastfeed the baby as I did my...
We took my little girl at 23 months to Disneyland, CA and CA Adventure when visiting my American family. I grew up with Disney when I lived in San Diego as a child. My grandfather even worked with Walt Disney. DD is Minnie Mouse and Princess obbessed. She loved it and still remembers it (July 09). She was enthralled by meeting characters except the Queen of Hearts. I would go for it. We did it our 2 days so she could go back to the hotel and rest.
Quote: Originally Posted by Robyn79 Long time lurker coming out of hiding...I'm in! Ditto
I don't mind general gift lists especially if you are stuck. What I do mind is that attitude and obligation that may come behind them. We do them for my dad because other get something like a waffle fork, oven gloves (those have come in handy) or salt and pepper shakers (yes, those are actual gifts). My mother broached this subject with him years ago. He is getting better in the last year or so. If we get wacky gifts it is the thought that counts. I give family ideas for...
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