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I have just started a greeting card company and need some advice on webhosting. I will be selling the cards wholesale, so what I am looking for is a free or extreemly cheap site where I can post my company info and images of my product. I also need it to be easy to set up, since I haven't yet had time to learn web page design (its on my to-do list) and I need to get my printed catalogs out asap and would like to include the web address. At this time I don't need a shopping...
I'm in my 30's and alas I rent. And though the odds are not with me (I'm completely broke, deeply in debt, became a single mom this past year), I am totally determined to buy a house within the next couple of years.
Oh my yes! If I had a wedding do-over I would choose an entirely different groom. Everything else was great Actually, getting married again is not on my to-do list, but I do like nice parties.
Definatly call the domestic violence hotline. My x used to tell me similar crap, that I "made" him do it, that I was the abusive one (um hello, you are shoving your pregnant wife into walls and choking her, duh). Your H is just messing with your head dear. The domestic violence shelter in my area gave me so much help, info, contacts ect. I have a totally new life now. Its hard to see when you are in the middle of something like this, but there is a better way for you to...
Oh boy, did I ever need this! The past year has been a major upheavel, so many changes in a generally good direction but with no focus. So doing the treasure map was a great way for me to really sit down and think about what I wanted to come into my life in the coming year. I started by clearing out my house of unwanted items, and ended a new but already fizzled out relationship (no regrets but time to move on). I didn't do the actual treasure map first, I started out...
Richmond,Va (moved lots while there) Amelia Island, Fl Jacksonville,Fl Elmira, NY Corning,NY back to Elmira but will hopefully escape someday soon!
Would you rather be rich and boring or eccentric and poor?
Do clowns make you laugh or give you nightmares?
What is your favorite weather?
So, Bathrobegoddess, hoe does it feel to have one of the coolest names on MDC?
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