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Help! My 5yo dd is starting Kindergarten in a couple of weeks, and we are really worried about how to make the transition work. She was only in 1/2 day preschool for one year (last year) and other than that has had one-on-one care. She had a hard time adjusting to preschool, and we agonized forever over how to handle it. We stayed with her for a few days and then realized that we might be sending a message that we didn't think she could do it on her own. We talked...
Thanks--great suggestions. She cannot open the Lunchbots without spilling the contents all over the place. (Just got that in the mail after spending $13 on one container only to learn this.) I can't find small Lock and Locks around town so maybe I'll check online. And I'll check out these other suggestions, too! Yes, her teacher can open her containers for her, but I was hoping to avoid her having to do that all the time. Thanks again, folks!
OK--maybe I'll try one! The ones with latches she has an easier time with. Regular tupperware or gladware she cannot open herself. So I was concerned about the Lunchbots NOT having any tabs or anything--and didn't want to spend an arm and a leg only to find out she can't use them on her own. Thanks. Jen
Yeah--I've seen the lunchbots boxes. They seem really cute! My question is (and I can't tell this from the pix): can a preschooler open them on her own? The Mr. Bento looks cool, too. Thanks! Any experience with kids opening them independently? That seems to be the rub for me--figuring out which ones are really user-friendly. THANKS. Jen
I am seeking safe plastic or metal food containers for my 4.5-y-o dd's lunch box. They need to be easy for her to open (i.e. the kind that have those four little flaps on each side that she can flip up and down) and available in small sizes (like 4 oz). And preferably they won't cost a million dollars. Any suggestions? Thanks, Jen
I need suggestions for a 4.5-y-o kid taking her lunch to preschool for the first time. Foods that your kids can pretty much be guaranteed to eat? Packaging/containers they can open themselves? I need ideas! Thanks. Jen
rainbowmoon--what's your peanut butter smoothie recipe? That sounds great!
Thanks, everyone! These are great suggestions. Can't wait to try them. Jen
Just had to rave about this amazingly simple and delicious snack. Today my 4-y-o ate about 4 whole leaves of kale this way! She loved it. You wash the kale and pull it off of the tough center spine, breaking it into pieces 2-3 inches long. Toss in olive oil and a little salt. Lay on cookie sheet, roast at 375 for 5 minutes, turn leaves, put back in for 3 minutes more. Done.
Any suggestions? It's murder to get her to eat enough before she goes to preschool and I'd love to get something in her tummy that would really stick with her. Does anyone have any favorite breakfasts appealing to a 4-year-old? Thanks! Jen
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