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Anyone have any good ones? We don't want to have a party--my dad will be in town, so we'd rather do something special just with the family (me, dp, dd, and grandpa). In the past, we've gone to a farm or the Audubon Center nearby our house, as my dd loves animals and nature. And we can do that again, but I thought I'd brainstorm and think of other kinds of fun, special outings. Those of you who have not had a party, what have you done to celebrate the 3rd b-day in a...
Before I became a mom I never thought I'd be doing this, but I'm happy to announce that our crisis has passed, as it were! But these are such great suggestions and I will file them away for future reference. Thank you SO MUCH, mamas!
What are your best remedies? I've tried: pushing her to drink water (hard with an almost-3-y.o.) nursing giving her prunes (she likes Earth's Best prunes and oatmeal) giving her other fruit (NOT bananas) urging her to run around outside We're on day 3 and I'm just hoping to get things moving! Any more suggestions?
Good ideas--thanks! I haven't yet had the heart to trim it, but I know I should; it would certainly help! (Also, she probably won't let me near to her to do it any time soon!) But I'll check out some conditioners. You're so right that if you don't keep on top of it, it gets out of hand real quick!
Thanks, folks. This is helpful info. We would be okay with ceramic (and prefer it over plastic if possible); I just don't have the first clue where to look. I'll follow some of these suggestions and check them out.
My dd (almost 3) has long, fine hair. It tangles really easily and I'm constantly trying to get the knots out. The problem is she hates to have her hair brushed or combed, so I have to sneak it in when she's concentrating on something else or do it while she's asleep. So first, any suggestions on getting her to go along? And second, any suggestions on detanglers or conditioners that might mitigate the problem? Thanks, mamas.
I think there was a utensils thread some time back, so someone might point me to that, but I'm really wanting a whole set of utensils, plate(s), bowl(s), and cup. My dd is turning 3 in May and while she has drunk from a cup and used a spoon and fork, most of the time she drinks from a sports bottle cap and eats with her fingers or asks us to feed her. We don't really mind any of this, but we figured new utensils, plate, and cup would be a fun way to spur her to...
These are some wonderful names! Great thread. My dd's name is Sage Elizabeth. Sage because my dh and I had moved from California to the northeast and were very homesick for the West; we especially like this wild-growing herb and thought the name was beautiful. (No, we did NOT rifle through the spice drawer, as my FIL wondered!) We also wanted a gender-neutral name. Elizabeth was my beloved grandmother's name; she passed away a year before Sage was born and...
Not a ton of time to write just now, but I wanted to say that I've learned to choose my battles and it sounds to me like you have, too. Some things are not negotiable; then, we gently explain and can be sympathetic but firm if a tantrum ensues. Other times, though, allowing them to have their preference is fine! Bowl or plate, who cares? And if it takes a little longer but in that time you get them to go along with something rather than forcing them, what's the harm in...
Like others, sending you sympathy! How totally frustrating! I'll also echo some pps and say that dignifying it with a detailed response, and doing the research for him, may not be the way to go. It's his responsibilty to educate himself. It's just beyond lame that he considers himself educated and yet could still believe this and it may be that the more you negotiate with him about it the more you're validating it as a reasonable stance to take. Good luck!
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