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My Family Farm makes whole wheat animal crackers that my dd loves. I think they may be discontinuing them, though. . . . I had to buy our latest box on Amazon.com.
ITA. WTEWYE also calls co-sleeping a "bad habit." This is not only incorrect but also insulting! I despise that book and do love the Sears books.
Go with a pediatric dentist, all the way. My 2.5-y-o dd got a few brown spots on her teeth and I went through the very same feelings you're having. We took her to the pedi dentist and we are SO GLAD. They were wonderful. My dd was pretty fearful and in a "don't touch me unless I say" stage, and yet they were so good she actually let them brush her teeth. They know how to handle young kids. Now she likes to "play dentist" at home! I think your approach is great...
I remember seeing an article in Parenting mag (I think it was) several months ago about a girl who insisted on wearing her Winnie the Pooh costume all the time for close to a year. So maybe count your blessings?
We had the same thing happen occasionally when my dd was that age. I just stayed in the bed with her and played possum for the most part. (Of course, had she asked for food, I'd have given her a snack first! But then I'd have gotten right back into bed.) Yes, this sometimes lasted for over two hours. It was trying. She didn't get upset. If she tried to crawl out of the bed, I'd gently pull her back to the middle and go back to playing possum. She'd basically just...
Kleen Kanteen has small metal bottles (stainless steel, I think?) and they fit a sippy cup spout, which you can order from them, too.
Does anyone else have this going on in your house? My 2.75 y.o. dd refers to herself as "you" and to everyone else as "I" and "me." In a way, it makes complete sense, since that's what what everyone is calling themselves and her. And it is surprisingly difficult to explain the proper use of pronouns when you can't use any for fear of confusing her further. I guess I'd like to know that I'm not alone here? And that she won't eventually have too much trouble learning...
I know it's hard to do, but if you can get him to nurse for a very short time at intervals (rather than for a big chunk of time once), and perhaps wait to nurse him for a bit after he throws up, that might help him keep it down. Good luck--you're all so lucky that he's still nursing during times like these, since the milk is, as a pp said, the very best thing for him and the most soothing to his stomach. Jen
I totally get the argument that total deprivation will just make the forbidden food more interesting to kids. But that doesn't really apply until they're old enough to KNOW of the food in question. My dd is 2.5 and I've never given her fast food (for the reasons others have cited). I'm not saying she'll never get it, but sheesh--if she doesn't KNOW about it, how can it possibly become interesting to her? If and when (okay, probably when) she finds out all about it, I'm...
Co-sleeping is not a "bad habit." It is a conscious choice, as is night nursing. I am so very tired of hearing these kinds of stories. It is so sad! But I'm very happy that your sister knew her stuff. Good for her! Jen
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