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Oh, yes, what a relief to know that we are not alone! Some of my dd's tantrums are set off when she wants two contradictory things at the same time. Move the blanket! But I don't want the blanket moved! Argh. Increasingly, I've come to realize that these are times when she just really needs to have a tantrum, to blow off steam, and so anything can be the trigger. I just go with the flow knowing that it's a way for her to vent those big emotions. But oh! It is...
My 2.5-y-o dd loves her Melissa and Doug easel, especially the huge chalk board. It doubles as a "doghouse," which is a bonus (she loves to crawl under it and peek out, bringing all of her doggie animals under there with her). Jen
As others have said, it sounds like you are doing everything right. The more you hold her daughter, sleep with her, and let her have the comfort she needs, the more secure she will become.
If you go to the Preschoolians website, you can custom-design your own shoes. That's what we did, since we had the same beef with Robeez that you do. Good luck! Jen
Anyone tried this? http://www.flipnflush.com/flip.html I've had it recommended but am not sure what I think.
It sounds like it really is the teething, so probably not night terrors. However, if it IS also night terrors, I'll give you a little tip: uncover her feet. Sometimes night terrors are brought on by overheating. When I started uncovering my dd's feet (no longer wearing footed pjs), she stopped having night terrors. Good luck--this WILL pass. Jen
Can I add to the original question and ask where you get it? Only online? I checked with a couple of natural foods places here but they don't carry it. And is this safe for toddlers who don't spit afterward? Jen
From what I understand (which is very little so far), MI paste isn't a toothpaste; you put it on afterward. Here's a link to find out about it: http://www.dentist.net/prospec-mipaste-recaldent.asp I just noticed another thread about this stuff, so I'm going to follow it to find out more. Jen
Aha! Well, my labor was 36 hours long. . . . that could definitely have been it! I know I'll never know for sure, but it's just so baffling that I find it helpful to try and understand the phenomonon a bit more. J
My 2.5-y.o. dd has two spots of hypoplasia on her teeth--one tiny one and one larger one on a molar. (For the uninitiated, hypoplasia is incomplete development of the enamel.) Two questions: 1. Can anyone tell me more about how this is caused? I know it happens while the fetus is very young, in utero. I know that it is associated with trauma, prematurity, etc. But none of this applies to us, and there was nothing unusual about my pregnancy, no problems at all. ...
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