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looks like my little guy will have eyes that are light brown/hazel. so strange since my first 4 have blue eyes.  
i have a grunter too! cant sleep through that because i expect him to awake at any moment.
  yay! here is a pic of Aaronne stanley. finally got a pic of my guy here too :)
last week i wrote out my birth story with a lot of thought and it never posted for me. took an hour to type. also for some reason i can not get any of my images to post. ( may need to update my java or adobe? ) so i am inviting  anyone here to add me to their facebook so you can view my birth album of Aaronne Stanley. the album is  private since some of the pics are a bit graphic but i add anyone who friend requests me from here to view the album. my name is lisa...
Aaronne is a month old and he isnt smiling yet but he recently started to focus on looking at peoples faces. thinking the smile will be coming next.  
wow. my stuff keeps double posting. grr!  
my oldest had sky blue eyes since days one. the next three had muddy eyes that were true blue by 6 weeks. at three weeks i could tell they would be blue. my youngest his eyes look hazel with no hint of any blue. he is one month old. i have blue eyes hubby has brown so there  is a possibility for both. my first 4 kids had their permanent color well before even the 6 month mark. my baby's eyes remind me of the color my girlfriend's son's brown eyes were at that age. just...
with my first 4 babies by 3 weeks i could tell they were going to have blue eyes but my new guy is one month and his eyes look hazel.brown still. i think his eyes wont be turning blue like his siblings.
my little guy was born may 12th at 12:38 p.m. your little girl is two minutes older!
my little guy was born may 12th at 12:38 p.m. your little girl is two minutes older!
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